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By Rachel Hartman
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You can write to your favorite music, television and movie stars
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Do you want to send a card to Britney Spears? Are you interested in asking Bruce Willis for an autograph? If you want to contact famous celebrities, the process is not as challenging as it may first appear. Follow a few steps and you will be on your way to contacting many of your favorite movie stars and singers. Also, if you love knowing all of the latest Hollywood gossip, top celebrity websites is an article that will explain how to keep yourself up-to-date with the A list crowd.

How to Contact Them

With the Internet, it is now easier than ever to contact your favorite celebrities. Start by searching for their official web site. Once you find it, you can usually track down their contact information. Most celebrity websites provide an address that fan mail can be sent to. If you do not see an address, try checking other sites. Some of the websites on the Internet today list various contact information for many famous celebrities. When you write out the address, be sure to include the phrase "Forwarding Service Requested" on the envelope. This way, if the celebrity has moved or changed the address they use for fan mail, the letter will still reach him or her.

What to Send

When writing a letter to your favorite actress, try to include a compliment or two. Be careful not to overdo it. Rather, say something specific about a certain film or dress. Stating some of the details will make it more personal and less generic. Do not include too much of your own personal information. Many celebrities have their agents look through fan mail, so more than a few people will most likely see your letter. That said, some actors and actresses do go through their own fan mail.

If you are interested in an autograph, make sure you ask for one. If you would like a personal note, explain whom you want it to address and what it should say. Do not ask for too much or you will seem like a collector and not a fan. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope so that it is easier for them to respond. This will save them time and increase your chances of a response.

What to Expect

Some celebrities answer all of their mail and others do not respond to much of it at all. Keep this in mind after you send out a letter requesting a signature or a photograph to sign. If you do include a picture, make sure it is one that you can part with in case you do not ever hear back from the celebrity.

If you plan to contact famous celebrities on a regular basis, keep a journal to track your correspondence. Write down the name of the celebrity. Next to the name, jot down the date that you sent the letter to him or her. When you receive something in return, record it in the journal. Try to be patient. Celebrities receive a large amount of mail and it can take awhile for them to respond. If you do not hear back after a few months, you may consider checking the address for accuracy. You might also decide to send an additional letter. If you do, keep the tone light. You do not want to sound like you are stalking the celebrity.

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