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How to choose a movie

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Some tips on how to choose a movie to help you gain concensus about which show

So you've settled down by yourself, with a loved one, or your whole family to spend the evening watching a great movie.  The problem of course is that there are so many great movies out there that it can sometimes be hard to arrive at just one that everyone wants to watch.  It can even be hard to arrive at just one that you want to watch when you are spending some alone time. 

There can be a number of different ways you can narrow down the list of movies you are going to watch until you finally figure out how to choose a movie.

Narrow Down the Genre

This couldn't be simpler if you are planning on watching the movie alone.  Simply decide what you are in the mood for and then go from there.  If you feel like you need a laugh, then of course you are going to go with a good old fashioned comedy.  My person opinion is that you want to stay away from some of the newer comedies because they simply aren't as funny as some of the classics.  For my money, Fletch is still one of the best comedies out there.  It stars Chevy Chase at his funniest, without him having to be quite as slapstick as some of his other films.  That of course doesn't mean that all new comedies are bad, there are plenty that can fill a night just fine. 

But perhaps you aren't in the mood for laugh out loud comedy.  Perhaps you are more in the mood to be scared out of your wits.  There are plenty of horror movies that will get the job done if that is the sort of thing you are after.

The real question, especially if you are watching with friends or significant others or kids is that you need to find a genre that everyone can agree on.  If you are having a get together, deciding beforehand what kind of movie you are going to watch is going to be the best way to choose the movie once you have settled down on the couch.

Narrow Down the Actors

There is, of course, the chance that you are less decided on the kind of movie you want to see than you are on the actor or actress you want to watch do their thing.  Looking for a movie online allows you to search by actor, which helps streamline the process of choosing a flick.

Perhaps you or your group want to have a Paul Newman marathon.  You can go with flicks like Slap Shot and Long Hot Summer and see the wide range of acting abilities the actor had to offer.

Maybe you are looking for a more sleek and sexy diva like Angelina Jolie, The woman has got a huge source of movies in which you can marvel at her curves, or her actual acting ability; again depending on what sort of mood you are in. 

In the end, people are going to want to watch their favorite actors.  Kids are going to want to watch their favorite characters who are voiced by great actors. If you decide to go this route, you can also join the two and decide you want to do horror movies that only certain actors have starred in.  Find the right actors and you can even find some pretty obscure titles. Matthew McConaughey even once starred in a little known sequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre right along with a young and unknown Renee Zelweger.

Narrow Down the Time Frame

Another factor when trying to pick the perfect flick for movie night is to decide which era you want to see a movie from.  Are you going to go with one of the blockbusters from the last few years, or go with one of the old classics starring Orson Welles?  Gone with the Wind or Gone in 60 Seconds? 

Once you have figured out what kind of genre you want to watch, what kind of actors you want to see and from when you want to see them, you should be able to arrive at the perfect movie or movies to entertain you and yours.

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