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Whether youíre looking for news on the big names in movies, television, fashion, or music, itís all here
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Finding websites devoted to the rich and famous is not hard. There are literally hundreds of internet addresses that cater specifically to sharing news, gossip and pictures of our favorite celebrities. Composing a list of the top 10 celebrity websites came down to which offered the most information and kept our attention the longest. The following ten sites are a great way to get all the insider gossip, bios and celebrity sightings you need to keep up with the lives of your favorite famous people.

10) Number ten on the list is the A List. This website contains a main menu where you can search for information on specific celebrities as well as a link that you can use to send e-mails to the star that thrills you the most; although we can't promise they'll write you back.

9) The number nine spot on our list of top 10 celebrity websites belongs to This site is chock full of movie release information, trailers, photo galleries and news snippets about your favorites.

8) Number eight is CNN's Showbiz. Full of factual information about the happenings in Hollywood and beyond, CNN does a great job at offering comprehensive information about the rich and famous.

7) The next website on our list is This website has plenty of current news and pictures as well as gossip, star sightings and videos. This site offers a plethora of entertainment information for the fan who wants full access.

6) The number six slot on our list of top 10 celebrity websites is filled by the Smoking Gun. Famous for outing the dirty deeds and crimes committed by celebrities, this site promises entertainment at each and every visit and its archive of past infractions will keep you busy for hours.

5) At number five is Forbes. This well-known site comes with a top 100 celebrity list where you can find information on most of the key players in Hollywood. This site also boasts interesting celebrity topics such as "Club Wars", where you can read about who's dancing with whom under the strobe lights at the hottest spots in town and "Stars Cars" where you can see what kind of vehicle being rich and famous can buy you.

4) Coming in at number four on our list of top 10 celebrity websites is The Superficial. This site promises a giggle or two as it discusses the antics of the entertainment elite and their friends. Complete with recent photos, if you're looking for the dirt you won't have to dig too deep on this site.

3) The number three spot on our list belongs to E Online. With news, blogs, photos and features such as "The Fashion Police", this website is full of information about the lives of your favorite celebrities. We love the scoops and sightings section as well as the "Bash Buzz", which dishes about the goings on at Hollywood parties and functions. The E! News Now is a current, detailed look at celebrity news that's sure to keep you updated.

2) Number two on our list of top 10 celebrity websites is the Actress Archives. With a top thirty list of your favorite Hollywood females as well as videos, movies, pictures, headlines and news, this website has it all.

1) The number one website on our list of favorites is ET Online. The official Entertainment Tonight website is the one to go to when you want to confirm rumors and gossip and it's full of information about your favorite celebrities. Whether you're looking for news on movies, television, fashion, or music, it's all here including reports from the Glam Squad, a link to Shop ET, a comprehensive archive of previous stories and a list of celebrity birthdays. In the world of entertainment, ET is always on the ball and their website is no different.

Regardless of whether you're looking for news or simply wanting to indulge in the latest celebrity gossip, these top 10 celebrity websites are sure to provide you with everything you want to know about your favorite stars.

Also, if you're interested in contacting one of your favorite singers or actors, contact famous celebrities, is an excellent source of information and teaches you how to go about doing that - without seeming stalker-ish.

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