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What to wear to dance class

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This tiny dancer has the right idea
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Here are a few things you should know when planning what to wear to dance class

There are many different ways people get themselves into shape, once they have gotten themselves out of shape. People also encourage their children into activities for fitness and development of discipline. There are also many different ways people can spend their free time when they just want to have a little fun.

Whatever the reason, you have recently decided that you want to take a class in dancing, or that you want your children to enroll in dance classes. The problem that has now popped up is that you are not entirely sure how you should show up. Figuring out what to wear to dance class is not all that difficult, it just depends quite a bit on what you are comfortable in and what the actual class calls for as far as apparel.

What you decide to wear is most likely also going to come down to how old you are and what you are actually taking the class to do. If you are getting into something like Jazzercise, you are trying to get into a kind of dance class that is also equal parts workout. If you are a toddler who is learning how to dance on the tip of your toes for the first time, there is going to be a different kind of outfit to don.

Children's dancewear

If you are indeed a little girl who is learning to enjoy the art of dancing for the first time, you might be in a class that requires you to don a leotard and tutu. This kind of class is more about teaching basic moves and trying to get you to fall in love with dancing in general. 

Dance teachers from all over will tell you that getting the kids to like the outfits they wear to the classes is a big part of helping them enjoy it. If you are in a class like this you can certainly wear a dance dress that is especially designed to let little ones move around while still looking pretty.

Adult dancewear

For adults who are in a dance class, a frilly dress is not going to be the kind of outfit you will choose. The number one rule for adults who are dancing is to make sure you are comfortable and that you can move freely. Yoga pants aren't just for Yoga anymore. These pants will hug your body so that you aren't getting caught in your own clothes, but they are also stretchy enough that you will be able to move around. These pants are usually also constructed so that they are porous and air can flow through them. That means that you are able to stay relatively cool, even if the dancing you are doing is very active.

Women should make sure they are also wearing a sports bra, if for no other reason than most dance classes are basically going to double as a workout, even if you are not actually in a jazzercise class. Women who wear a sports bra are just going to feel more comfortable no matter what style they are involved in.

If you are going to be in a class where you are working up a sweat you can wear good old fashioned running shorts and sneakers. Obviously if your dance class trends more towards ballet or some other specialized style you will want to change your shoes to fit that style. 

Wearing an arm band and a head band might seem like overkill to some, but you certainly don't want sweat to be dripping into your face, especially if you are trying to learn a difficult move. Armbands can come in handy if you are having to catch another dancer or be caught by another dancer. The less sweat and slickness on your arms and hands the better.

Knowing what to wear to dance class really comes down to what the instructor tells you is proper attire. Some classes are casual, while others require full costumes. Always check out the class and see if there are any requirements before your first session.

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