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What you need to be a model

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Model on Runway
Follow these tips and maybe you will strut the catwalk
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Planning a fashion career and wondering what you need to be a model, start here

If you follow these steps thoroughly, you'll greatly increase your chances of reaching model status! All you need is mental and physical dedication, and of course a little bit of luck!

Have Confidence

The first thing any aspiring model should work on is developing a thick skin. You must be confident in this industry, or it will chew you up and spit you out. Be prepared for rejection and know that many agencies or castings may turn you down and may be harsh when doing so.

This isn't because you're not attractive; it's most likely because you don't have the look they're going for. Realize your beauty and know that you have a special look about you. After all, if you don't think you're pretty, then why would you want to put yourself on display for millions of people to see?

Be Healthy

All models should live a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious foods and stay active by working out. This does not mean you should starve yourself and over-exercise. Thankfully, the modeling industry is slowly moving away from girls that look malnourished and waif-like. (It's only acceptable if you're naturally that thin.) 

Being health conscious has other important benefits. For example, eating right will give you glowing, model-esque skin and energy for the potentially long hours you may be working. Most importantly, these good habits will make you a role model for other people and their healthy lifestyles.

Present Yourself Nicely

Presenting yourself nicely can be the difference on whether you book a job or not. Know your own personal style and own it. There can be exceptions, but most agencies or casting calls will call for natural looking makeup. Master this makeup technique well, as the person hiring you wants to see you with a natural, fresh face first. If you're asked to walk, make sure you have a perfected signature walk, and master the walk in heels! Speak with intelligence and smile a lot. Proper presentation will highly impress any potential hirer.

Get Headshots and Make a Resume

Do not show up at an agency without a headshot of yourself. Agencies see hundreds of models, so you want them to remember your face by looking at your headshot. Be sure to have a large quantity of your headshot, as you may submit it to many agencies. Also, if you have prior modeling experience it is wise to present a resume. Either of these tools will keep you in a casting director's mind.

Get an Agent

Your agent will help put you on the map. Agents do all the tedious work for you, like find castings for you to go on. Many also submit your headshots to castings. They are your job hunters and they make life easier, and therefore take 10-20% of your earnings. Agents can help put your name on the map, so start browsing for agencies near your area immediately!

Follow all of these steps and you'll be a force to be reckoned with. Keep in mind that modeling relies a lot on luck - you have to be at the right audition at the right time. After all is said and done, never give up!

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