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Beautiful baby room decorating

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Baby in crib
Examine cribs for solid construction; your baby will stand, play and jump in a crib before it is time to move to a bed
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Follow these tips to create a perfect room for your baby.

Listen carefully—you can just hear it: little steps, the rustle of stork-wings, cheering in the distance. Just what you'd expect when a prince or princess is on his or her way to your house. Welcoming a new baby is a joyful event, and we all hope to recognize our new family member by decorating a beautiful baby room. 

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

Many families will choose a décor in yellow, soft green, white or a mixture of (usually) pastel colors. In general, soft colors provide a restful atmosphere for a baby's room. While visual stimulus is important for your baby's development, toys and other elements in the baby's environment usually provide enough stimulation, and quiet colors can encourage relaxation and sleep. 

Baby Furniture Essentials

Baby furniture can contribute to the quiet atmosphere. Ideally, you will need a crib, a changing table, and a dresser for clothes and extra blankets. Since even the most beautiful babies have their messy moments, look for easily cleanable, durable finishes when you shop for baby furniture.

  • A bassinet or basket-bed makes a cozy nest for a newborn.

  • If the baby's room is small, finding a dresser that can double as a changing table is a real space-saver.

  • Examine cribs for solid construction; your baby will stand, play and jump in a crib before it is time to move to a big-girl/big-boy bed.

  • A good addition to a baby's room is a good-sized mirror (you will be surprised at how soon and how often your baby responds to 'See the baby? See Mommy?').

  • Another useful piece is a comfortable rocking chair or glider. There will be times when falling asleep is hard, and a baby will move more quickly into sleep if he/she is cuddled on a relaxed lap.

Choosing Linens

Whatever your choice of furniture, the linen department gives you a wide number of choices for defining the look of your baby's room. Again, quiet colors make sense. Some babies respond strongly to bright colors or jazzy patterns (a wonderful way to determine your baby's response is to select two different blankets for tummy-time; some babies definitely show more energy on a brightly-colored patterned blanket, and you'd be happy not to see this reaction at sleepy-time).

Even within a quiet palate of colors, babies are intrigued by patterns very early on. Whether it's daisies, boats or bunnies, a pattern will enhance both your décor and your baby's attention-span. You may also be able to find artwork that coordinates with your overall decorating scheme. It's worth checking catalogs that specialize in baby furniture and room décor.

Shopping While Pregnant

Whether you prefer modern or traditional furniture, you should be able to find something compatible with your overall décor if that is important to you. If shopping while pregnant is tiring, check out the wealth of baby furniture available in catalogs. Catalog shopping often lets you see coordinated or matching pieces together, which may not be the case in a store (by the time you have hiked from a long line of cribs to a long line of dressers, you may no longer be completely sure what matches what).

Catalogs may also contain transitional pieces like armoires, bookcases or toy-shelves that will carry on your décor when your baby becomes a toddler and makes the move from crib to bed. Catalogs may also offer coordinated floor-coverings, bed-linens and window-treatments, which saves you further trips to a variety of stores.

Having a baby is one of the most exciting experiences in the world. With a little planning, decorating your baby's room is a great way to prepare for your prince or princess to arrive. A beautiful room for the most beautiful baby in the world—what could be better? 

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