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Inexpensive baby shower favors

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Baby shower favors do not have to be elaborate or costly
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Simple is usually better when it comes to baby shower favors

When giving a baby shower, remember that it is an occasion to celebrate the arrival (or imminent arrival ) of a new baby. Your guests aren't coming to the shower to walk away with armloads of gifts, so small mementoes that cost very little are fine. Luckily, if you're pressed for time as so many of us are these days, there are many online sources for baby shower favors of all varieties. Favors provide a way to say thanks to your guests for attending your party, and they give them something to remember the event.

You can find everything from cute specialized candies, picture frames, bath soaps, to figurines—all online at amazingly low prices. In other words, whatever suits your style and budget is available to you at the click of your mouse. There are "cutesy" selections as well as items for more sophisticated tastes.

The same party stores, catalogers and online merchants that carry goodie bag items for children's birthday parties sell a wide assortment of key chains, candy, mini pacifiers, pens, magnets and more that would be perfect baby shower favors. Of course, if you've got the time (and the talent), another solution is to make your own favors. One idea that might take a little of your time, but really requires no talent, is baby food jars full of pastel jelly beans with a sticker on the jar saying "X's baby shower" and the date with some ribbon tied around the top. It's really quite simple, yet it conveys the joyousness of the event. You just have to be able to find enough empty baby food jars!

Another "do it yourself" baby shower favor idea is mini ivy plants with a tag saying something along the lines of: "Keep this plant and nourish me in honor of the soon-to be baby." A long stem rose at each table setting also is a delightful and colorful idea to add to your list of possible baby shower favors. Your local grocery store probably sells roses at a lower cost than the florist shops.

Another thought is a bar of glycerin soap in the color theme of the shower with this attached little rhyme: "We showered (mom's name) in pink and blue. Now this 'shower' gift is especially for you! Here's another to add to your list of possible baby shower favors: a bunch of baby socks filled with assorted candies and chocolates. Tie each pair of socks together with a ribbon bow.

Create small gift baskets with assorted items such as soaps, lotions and bath beads. Or, for the more gourmet inclined, try an arrangement of shortbread cookies, chocolates and tea. With today's exotic coffee craze, sample packets of different coffees would be baby shower party favors that would be welcome, and not too expensive. Most of your local coffee houses offer these for sale, or check their online sites to see what is available in large quantities. You'll be surprised at what you may find.

Did you know you can have M&M's personalized? Go to their website to find all the information. After all, who doesn't like M&M's? Hershey's also offers personalized chocolate candies that would make wonderful and delicious favors. Unless, of course, your guests are all dieting! In fact, when you're online, search for baby shower favors and you'll be positively amazed at the assortment of readily available favors that are available in a wide range of prices that will fit any budget—from the really elaborate (and costly) to the quite inexpensive, yet very appropriate. You'll also be able to find many craft sites online that will give you some great ideas for baby shower favors that you can make yourself (or with a little help from your friends).

So, whether you decide to purchase your baby shower favors, or you choose to make them yourself, also keep in mind that your guests are there to celebrate a birth; the favors just add a nice note to the entire event.


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