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Baby shower games

By Melissa Ingold
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baby shower toy gift
If you're hosting a baby shower, here are a few easy and inexpensive games you can play.
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Baby shower games to entertain guests.

Hosting a baby shower means more then food and gifts; you're also required to entertain your guests. No, this doesn't mean you have to perform a juggling act or hire a band, a few fun games and inexpensive prizes are all you need.

An event like a baby shower, brings together family and friends from both the expectant mother and father's side of the family, which means many of your guests will be meeting each other for the first time. Baby shower games are often referred to as "ice breakers" because they provide an easy way for guests to get to know one another, and share a few laughs.

Here are five fun baby shower games you can play to entertain your guests . . .

1. Don't say "baby". As your visitors arrive, hand them a clothespin to pin to their shirt. The object of the game is not saying the word "baby". Anytime they catch someone saying the forbidden word; they get to take that person's clothespin to keep. The person with the most clothespins by the end of the party wins the prize. Instead of clothespins, you can also use diaper pins or make necklaces out of ribbon and hang pacifiers from them for fun.

2. "What's that smell?" Using either 4 to 5 cloth or disposable diapers, open them up and spread each one with a different type of food. You can use mustard, jam, ketchup, relish, peanut butter, etc. Or to make it even more challenging, purchase a few jars of baby food and use those instead. Have each guest take a turn smelling each diaper and writing down what they think the smell is. When everyone has finished, reveal what each diaper contains. The person with the most answers right wins. If there's a tie, place each winner's name in a bowl and have the mom-to-be draw a name.

3. "Baby Scramble". Make a list of 10 words that relate to babies, such as crib, stroller, pacifier, bottle, etc. Then mix up each word so that it is not spelled correctly. Photocopy or use your computer and print out a copy for each guest. Have the children at the party hand out a sheet and pen to each person. Once everyone is ready, explain what they have to do and give them five minutes to unscramble as many words as they can. When the five minutes is up, call out the answers. The person with the most answers right, wins. You may want to have a few small prizes for this game, or do a draw with the winners.

4. "My water broke". Scour your local dollar, discount, or craft store for tiny plastic babies that will fit into an ice cube tray. Place a doll in each space, fill with water and freeze. Hand out drinks with one ice cube to each guest. The one whose baby breaks out of the ice first has to shout "my water broke" to win.

5. "Draw my baby". Pass out blank sheets of paper and pens to each person and get them to write their names on the back. Have everyone close their eyes and draw a picture of the baby. Collect the pictures and present them to the mom-to-be for judging. When she has selected a picture, turn it over and announce the winner.

Baby shower games don't have to be complicated or expensive. Most game items can be found around your home, or purchased for a few dollars. The prizes can be store bought items like candles, knick knacks, oven mitts, and even dish towels, or they can be home-made baked goods or craft items.

As much fun as the games are, don't go overboard trying to squeeze in as many as you can. 3 to 5 games over the course of a few hours are more then enough, because your guests don't want to be playing games every minute of the party. They want to socialize, eat, and relax with the guest of honor too.

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