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Best newborn gifts and shower gifts

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Stumped for newborn gift ideas? Here are some suggestions to help
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What are the best gifts to buy for a baby shower or newborn?

A new baby is on the way!  Quick, baby shower gift ideas!  Or maybe the baby just arrived and you're looking for the perfect gift to welcome that new baby girl, baby boy or twins.

Even if you don't know anything about buying baby gifts, with a little help you can buy the perfect baby gift for any new arrival.  All you need is a little advice and an introduction to the things babies need. Ready?

The baby shower

These days there are two kinds of baby showers: those where the baby's sex is still a mystery, and those where the proud parents have shared the baby's gender and name with everyone. Both present some wonderful opportunities for creative shopping. But both kinds of showers offer an opportunity to give a gift the parents-to-be will love.

If you're attending a baby shower when the identity of the new arrival will be shared after the birth, you are NOT, I repeat, NOT limited to bland and yellow gifts! Here are some decidedly non-yellow choices:

Baby toys in red, black and white
- Scientists tell us that toys with intense contrasts stimulate a baby's mind and increase I.Q later in life. There are crib mirrors, mobiles, rattles and soft toys available in these mind-enhancing colors. Or if black, white and red are not your first choice, go for other brightly colored newborn toys...anything that's high contrast will help baby's brain develop.

Baby books, first year calendars and growth charts - Busy parents seldom have time to write extensive journal entries about their baby's first year.  A pretty baby book or calendar will help them remember those precious firsts by just jotting down a word or two, or even using a sticker on a calendar. Later, they can go back and add details.  But the basic information they save will become even more valuable to them as their baby grows up.

Original art work - Consider starting the baby out on an art collection all their own. Choose an original work of art or a signed piece, as that may grow in value over the years. Make sure the art you select does not violate any of the parents' religious or ethical values. Images with strong conolrs, high contrast or moving elements are excellent choices for baby's first art.

Newborn baby gifts

The baby has made his or her (or their!) entracnce into the world. No more guessing about gender or names, The variety of gifts you can give has just grown. Here are some suggestions for the perfect newborn baby gifts:

Clothes -- Go ahead and buy one or two of those impossibly tiny but adorable baby outfits. But because babies grow quickly, also select some outfits in larger sizs. 12 month, 18 month and 24 month clothing will all be appreciated by the parents as their babies grow out of newborn clothes and begin to explore their world. (If you're buying for twins, it's generally a good idea to select two different outfits.  Some parents do like matching clothing, but most want to encourage twins to develop their own unique personality.)

Books -- It's never too early to start a child on the path to reading. Parents reading to babies has been shown to enhance their learning abilities, even years later. Select books with bright pictures for early reading years. Babies and toddlers love books with pictures of other babies, so look for a few with photos of babies. Add a few childhood classics to keep them excited about reading as they grow.

Toy baskets and bins
-- Open top toy baskets and bins will help parents keep their babies toys and stuffed animals tidy.  And as baby grows into a toddler and preschooler, the bins will help them learn to put toys away after playtime. Choose open top storage to avoid safety hazards associated with lids and doors.

There are several mega-baby store chains out there, and even mpore baby gift shopping sites online. When you're stumped for newborn gift ideas or the right baby shower gift, take a look at this list, then go shopping and let you imagination guide your choices.

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