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By Susan Crowley
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The web offers many Christmas sites for kids to help children appreciate Christmas, learn about its history, and have plenty of fun.

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Help your children understand the history of Christmas with these safe websites

The sights and sounds of Christmas are all around us – including on the Internet! Christmas sites for kids offer plenty of holiday cheer and fun. They also help children learn about the history and different aspects of the holidays. Here are ten Christmas sites for kids to get you started on some holiday web fun. Stop by this snowy site and tour the busy village preparing for the holidays. You can send animated holiday e-cards from the North Pole. Check out the coloring activities in Santa's Workshop and the stories in the Reindeer Barn. Don't miss the disco dancing Santa!

DTLK's Holiday This site includes a variety of holiday games, songs, coloring pages and activities for kids. Stop by the Christmas Crafts page, where children can learn how to make ornaments, reindeer, and gifts to share with others. Featuring Christmas music and fun activities for the whole family, this site has something for everyone to enjoy. On the crafts page, children can find plenty of projects to keep them entertained, including making snowflakes, sock snowmen, a reindeer placemat and a festive candleholder. It also allows kids to fill in the blanks in certain stories and help be the "author" of the tale.

Christmas Fun Set up by children's author Bethany Roberts, there are lots of kid-centered items in this site. Check out the assortment of Christmas jokes and riddles. Try your skills at the "Twelve Days of Tongue Twisters," including ones such as "snow slows Santa's sleigh." Read and write Christmas poems, and then help the littlest mouse find his way through the maze to the Christmas tree. Known as the "Merriest place in Cyberspace" this site offers a vast amount of games and fun times for children. The Polar Post has new stories each day. Join in a holiday sing-a-long or adopt an elf buddy. Mrs. Claus's kitchen is full of fun, practical foods to make with kids, including Tommy the Tomato Nose Reindeer and Banana Blitzen.

Interactive Christmas Cards These e-cards offer more than just a message; they are full of interactive fun. You can make it snow, change the time of day, or add holiday decorations and music to the Deck the House card. Have older children pick out Christmas cards from this site or allow younger kids to look through the cards with you. Share the e-cards with your family and friends. These cards provide good holiday entertainment for kids on a snowy day.

Christmas Activities and Links This interesting site has some unique games and activities on it. Scroll down to Billy Bears: Make a Snowman. For this web-interactive game, you can choose the snowman's eyes, nose, mouth, scarf and hat. Or learn about Christmas around the world with the Advent Calendar 2005.

A Search for the Meaning of Christmas On this site, kids can track Santa's flight on Christmas Eve. They can also write a letter to Santa and take the Christmas trivia quiz. Parents and children can read about Christmas stories and legends. With plenty of links and options, this site has something for everyone in the family on it.

It's Christmas! 10 Best Activities for the Season This site lists ten great ways to spend time together as a family over the holidays. Most of the activities involve both the adults and kids, like cookie baking and decorating, watching Christmas movies, and making crafts. There are some gifts for kids to make, as well as holiday dinner recipes for parents.

All About Christmas Just as its title indicates, children can learn all about Christmas on this site. They can start by taking a virtual tour of a Christmas tree farm, where they'll learn about growing trees. This informative site also offers insight on the traditions of Christmas, including the origin of the Christmas card and the history of Silent Night.

The web offers many Christmas sites for kids. These sites help children appreciate Christmas, learn about its history, and have plenty of fun. They also offer good ideas for family activities during the holidays. The Internet is a great place for children to learn and enjoy the holiday season this year.

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