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Kids party games for indoors

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Parties are no fun without kids party games, so here are several favorites
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Indoor kids party games

Ask kids what they want at their party (besides presents, of course) and they all will answer with a resounding "games"! While it's nice to be able to have everything outdoors, it doesn't always work out that way. Therefore, we've researched the kids party games category to come up with some favorites that your kids and their friends will enjoy and that won't create total chaos in your house. Listed below are several that will provide fun for the kids and yet will not cost you too much and require little preparation. Naturally, you will have to be prepared to award prizes.

1) Twenty Questions

One player is "It" and leaves the group while the other players choose an object in the room. "It" returns and tries to guess the object. He can ask 20 questions of the group members, all of which must be answered by yes or no. He asks his questions of each person in turn so that all are asked at least one question. If "It" guesses the object, someone else becomes "It"; otherwise he is "It" again for the next game.

2)Hula Hoop Contest Supplies Needed: Hula hoop for each child Great for a small group of children. Play music to make it more fun. At the 'Go' signal, players begin 'hula hooping' as long as they can. If the hula hoop drops or players touch it with their hands, they're out! Even though most think of hula hoops being associated with girls, this , like so many other kids party games, can also be played by boys.

3)Freeze Dance (for a small group—or a large house!) Supplies Needed: boom box Play some wild music and let all the kids dance. When you stop the music, everyone freezes. Any movement, and you're out. Award the prize to the last dancer standing, or to the best dancer.


Divide the kids into two teams and take Team A into another room. Team A must switch various items of clothing or accessories with one another, then return to the game room. Team B must try to guess all the switches that have been made within a five-minute time period. Add up how many items Team B guessed correctly. Then let Team B have a turn to "switch" and let Team A guess the switches. The team with the most correct answers in the allotted time period wins a prize. Like most of the kids party games, this one is good for both girls and boys.

5) Price Is Right

Here's one of the great wind-down kids party games that also serves as the going-away favor. Buy inexpensive gifts for your guests, such as a big bag of candy, a small stuffed animal, a scary book, and so on. Distribute paper and pencil to each player. Hold up one item and have the kids try to guess how much it cost. Reveal the price tag and award the gift to the player who guessed the closest. That player is out of the game, while the rest continue guessing the prices of the gifts, until all of them are gone.

6) Feather Blow

Give each of the kids a feather. When you say, "GO!" the kids have to start blowing the feather in the air. Whoever can keep the feather in the air the longest (using only his/her breath) is the winner. This game can also be played in teams (the team to keep the feather in the air longest using only breath wins)

7) Sense-Sational

Test their powers of smell! Fill paper bags with a variety of items that have an aroma, such as coffee beans, salami, toothpaste, orange peels, chocolate, and so on. Be sure the smells are familiar to the age group. Then pass the bags around and let the kids smell them without looking inside! Give prizes to whoever guessed them all correctly (or whoever guessed the most correctly). This is a favorite on the list of quiet kids party games.

8) Telephone

Have the kids sit in a circle on the floor. The first player begins by whispering a phrase into the ear of the person next to him/her. One by one, each person repeats the whispered sentence as they hear it when it is whispered to them. When the last person receives the message, he/she repeats it out loud. It is usually completely different than the original statement. This game can also be played with goofy faces. The first person makes a goofy face, and then turns (with the goofy look on his/her face) to the next person. The goofy look is passed on until the last person and the first person compare goofy faces.

Copy this list of kids party games and save it for future reference. Have fun!

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