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Kindergarten party ideas

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There are any number of different parties you can pick from
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A few ideas when it comes to kindergarten party ideas for the 5-year-old set

When trying to come up with kindergarten party ideas, you are always going to be planning for the constituency of several little ones.  You want to be able to get them to have as much fun as humanly possible.  Luckily for you, kids about this age are rather easy to entertain, as long as you put the tools in front of them to do so.

When coming up with the best kindergarten party ideas, there are a couple of different categories you can delve into, with literally dozens of different complete ideas that you can come up with.

Theme Parties

Some of the best parties are going to be those that you plan around a theme. 

The Avengers are a big hit with the young ones these days thanks to the popularity of the blockbuster movie.  You can go ahead and get a ton of Avengers party supplies like cups and napkins and plates that sport the heroes.  You can then ask the guests to dress up as their favorite hero, or even supply plastic masks that they can strap on once they get there.  Come up with games that are centered around the Marvel Comic stars or simply let them play as their heroes themselves.

Obviously the Avengers are a little bit slanted to a boys birthday, but there are tons of girls' party ideas that can be made into a theme as well.  Disney characters such as Princess Ariel, or Jasmine as always popular, and much like the Avengers you can ask the guests to come as their favorite princesses or you can again have some sort of costumes ready to go.

There really are any number of different themes you can try, the important thing is that if you want the best celebration you can get then you need to make sure you go all the way with it.  Don't just stop of getting plates and cups that have their favorite characters on it.  Make sure that the games and toys that you choose to have at the occasion all fit into the theme. 

You want to make sure that the games that you feature at the party are age appropriate as well and that parents of any of the guests would have no conceivable problem with the games that are being played.

Activities for Parties

While you can't go wrong with having a theme at your home, there are also plenty of places and things you can do that will also keep the kids occupied. 

If you are lucky enough to have a place like MyGym anywhere near you then you can take the kids to this place and allow them to run around, play on various equipment and climb like little monkeys, all under the helpful and watchful eye of the trained staff members at the facility.  If you don't have this particular company somewhere around you there are bound to be facilities like them that will allow birthday parties for a fee.

In the summer time, you really can't go wrong with having a party at your local swimming pool. Of course, when dealing with kindergartners you might also be dealing with a few kids who are not great at swimming, but there are a couple of water parks that cater especially to a younger generation of swimmers.  These parks offer quite a few wading pools that are better suited for younger children.

Just heading to a city park that is equipped with lots of great playground equipment can make a great party.  What you really have to keep in mind when you are planning any get together is that kids this young don't have a long attention span and generally have a  ton of energy. 

Plan the games and parties to not have a whole lot of detailed instructions, and make sure none of them will take a long time to play.  Keep the action moving as much as possible, until everyone sits down for the cake.

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