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games that incorporate familiar television or movie characters are ideal teaching tools for young children learning to type.
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Teach children to type with free online games and fun, educational software

Learning how to type is critical for those seeking success in the world today.  While just a few decades ago, speed typing was an uncommon hobby or talent, today it is a basic skill expected in nearly all major career paths.  

While it is never too late to undertake the mission of learning how to type, the skill is easiest to acquire during childhood.  Twenty years ago, a variety of progressive educational studies were published, reflecting the importance of teaching children to type in conjunction with teaching basic reading and handwriting skills in early elementary school. 

Times have changed and parents today are striving to teach children early typing and keyboard letter and recognition skills at preschool ages, and younger.  Even the earliest learning games for preschool age children have progressed to include toy designs that resemble laptop computers and simplified keyboards! 

If your preschool or elementary school age child is currently learning how to type or if you are a teacher trying to introduce typing skills to young children, online games and typing software are two of the most valuable resources.  Here are some great recommendations and tips for games and instruction in both categories.

Learning How to Type Using Free Online Games:

A vast assortment of fun, educational typing resources can actually be found for free online.  Before you rush to purchase or order a particular product, peruse the age appropriate individual games, some of which may be available for download as well. 

Basic letter recognition and keyboard introduction games include titles such as cup stacking, word blaster and popular games such as type, type revolution.

Great, kid-friendly, free, typing games and lessons can be found at online sites such as Learning Games for Kids.  Another great tip is to visit the websites of your child’s favorite television shows or networks.  For instance, the preschool television network Noggin and kids network Nick Jr. feature a variety of basic keyboard and letter recognition games featuring celebrated Noggin characters. 

Learning How to Type Using Software Programs:

If you are planning to purchase a more comprehensive typing software package, it is important to first consider your child’s age and skill level.  Add a greater level of fun and comfort to your child’s typing experience by selecting software that features recognized cartoon characters. 

Disney’s Adventures in Typing with Timon and Pumba and Mario Teaches Typing are two comparable examples of kid friendly software programs with games featuring beloved animated Disney characters and video game characters who lead kids through an assortment of levels of typing lessons. 

If you do elect to purchase software, opt for programs that cover all aspects of typing, from proper hand and finger position to typing upper and lowercase letters, numbers, short words, sentences, and punctuation.  Ideal software packages will even include speed and accuracy tests and printable progress reports.

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