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By Matt Williamson
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Learn about how the world works at these cool science web sites for kids
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Looking for science project ideas? Searching for homework help? The Internet has a vast amount of science web sites for kids. At many of these sites, kids can play games, discover new places and inventions, and learn at the same time. Here are some of the best science web sites for kids:

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye offers a great site on science. Here kids will learn about Bill Nye the Science Guy and his show. They can also choose from a variety of experiments to try at home, read through the question of the week section, and find other ways to improve their science skills.

Brain POP

Full of information geared for middle grades, this web site is popular among many educators. Under the science section, kids can learn about almost any topic, including fish, Mars, erosion and glaciers.

Cool Science for Curious Kids

At this site offered by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, kids can delve into the world of biology. They will find out what monkeys and moose have in common, learn about the relationship between caterpillars and butterflies, and discover what kinds of material we breathe every day. A project on the site helps children study small aspects of nature without the use of a microscope.

How Stuff Works

Great for older children, this site offers information on everything from computers to travel to health. Written in simple form, these articles satisfy curious minds that want to know how things function in the real world.

Inventive Kids

Here children can play and learn about science at the same time. Use the time machine to see how people throughout history have turned ideas into inventions. Then play the Inventive World game, where the challenge is to think of creative ways to save the planet.

Planet Pals

A great stop for younger children, this site offers fun lessons about the Earth. Planet Pals, such as Sunny Ray and Moonbeam, tell children about their duties and roles. This site is full of activities, games, and information about earth science. It also has areas for parents and teachers.

Science Made Simple

Need ideas for a school science fair project? This web site lists many project tips and instructions. It even has a section of fast and easy science fair ideas, which are perfect if you're in a rush. Answers to science questions and fun experiments to try at home are also available.

Offering an extensive search engine system, is the place for kids to go when they need more information on a particular science-related subject. This leader in government-sponsored science web sites for kids is full of links and valuable resources, and will help children write top-notch science reports.

Sea and Sky

This web site contains a wealth of information for kids interested in discovering the "Splendors of the Sea" and the "Wonders of the Universe." By clicking on the Sea section, you can take a virtual journey through the ocean and discover the animals that live there. Or hop on the spaceship to view spectacular scenes of outer space.

The Science Club

Visitors to this site will learn about science projects that can be built, share ideas with others, and find links to other science web sites. Many resources are available to answer you and your child's science questions.

These are just some of the science web sties for kids available through the Internet. With such a variety of information available, kids of all ages are bound to find something helpful. Plus, they can have fun while discovering more about science.

You may want to check out some of these science web sites for kids with your children.

Together you can take virtual tours through space and find homework help. The Internet is a great tool to enhance children's learning. If you're child has already visited the aforementioned sites, kids educational sites, is a fantastic resource.

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