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Where to vacation with a toddler

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Don't let your vacations leave your kids stuck in a room looking out!
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Wonder where to vacation with a toddler for a relaxing getaway?

Traveling with toddlers can make anyone's vacation a nightmare if not planned and organized correctly. But don't fear, with a few tips and suggestions, you and your toddlers will surely have a great vacation. Know where to vacation with a toddler, what to take with, who to visit and when to make your plans.

Because honestly, why should anyone postpone vacations "until the kids are a little older". This will create great memories for your children and will also be a great break for new parents.

Focus on what you want out of this vacation: if you are looking for a relaxing time, check out offers that have nanny services available. If you are looking for fun adventure, check out theme parks that pack everything into a huge day of fun.

Great Toddler Vacations

The following are great places to travel with toddlers, many of them offering childcare services and entertainment for you children!

Beach Resorts: The kids will love the beach and you'll love the relaxing sounds of the ocean. Beach resorts are equipped with kid friendly areas as well as pools. Some offer baby sitting services for an extra charge, but well worth it if you want to enjoy a night out with the spouse.

Cruises: Themed cruises, like Disney Cruises are kid-oriented and will have entertainment for every hour of the day. You children will get to play with their favorite characters and have a chance to live in their world for a few days. Nothing is better than eating pancakes in the morning with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Theme Parks: If your children are the required 48 inches tall, a theme park is a great day trip and parks are directly trying to make your children's visit great! Disney World and Six Flags are fun trips to plan if you live close by to drive or plan a family summer adventure and fly to one of them.

Tips to Make Your Trip a Success!

Travel Must-Haves

Don't forget: portable potty, small stroller, listening monitor, night light, socket protectors, sunscreen, wet ones, reusable plastic bags,medication, pacifier, favorite toy, blanket, digital thermometer.

At the Airport

Prepare your toddler for travel, involving him or her in the trip planning process. If possible, take them to the airport to see what happens. This will make them much more comfortable with the entire process.

Remember to dress comfortably and layers are preferable because you can adjust the comfort level depending on the temperature at the airport and or the airplane. Bring entertaining and maybe new toys the kids haven't played with, as to keep them busy during long layovers or late flights.


Books: If your toddler is starting to read, check out a few books from the library and let me read out loud to you while in the car.

Movies: A portable DVD player can be a life saver. Bring along a movie they haven't watched and surprise them if they start getting cranky!

Wherever you choose to go, remember that organization is the most important thing when traveling with small children. Happy Traveling!

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