Traveling with a newborn

By April Hall
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You and your newborn can have an enjoyable trip if you plan ahead
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Traveling with a newborn can be fun, as long as you are well-prepared for the challenges that you and your baby may face along the way. suggests that it is best to wait until your newborn is about 3 months old before embarking on a trip, because smaller babies are more susceptible to strangers' germs and they require constant care. But once you have decided to take your little one on a trip, there are a few ways to make the whole experience easier:

  • Take along a basic first aid kit. It is not fun to have your newborn hurt, but it is even harder on you when you are not well prepared. A first aid kit will help you take care of most minor emergencies while traveling.
  • Make a list of all important telephone numbers you might need and any medications your newborn is taking. You may need this information quickly, and you will be glad you do not have to look for it.
  • Pack a hat and sunscreen. You might be surprised to learn how quickly your baby can get sunburned, so make sure you keep him or her safe by using a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 over their hands and face. If it is chilly, pack a snuggly, warm hat for your little one.
  • Bring some toys. You do not want to pack too many, or it will make your travel gear too unwieldy. However, a few small toys may provide just the entertainment necessary to keep your newborn occupied while waiting for a plane or taxi.

  • Pack a changing pad that will fit in your diaper bag. You never know when you'll be at a restaurant or gas station that doesn't have a changing table. There are many versions of pads that fit nicely into your diaper bag and prevent you from placing your little one on germy surfaces.
  • Bring along large storage bags for dirty diapers. The need for these goes without saying. Everyone traveling with a newborn has gone through the embarrassment of a smelly diaper in a car or plane; so avoid it by having a place to seal up the mess.
  • Keep handy an extra outfit for your baby and yourself. A spit-up or runny diaper can quickly create a need for some fresh clothes. The soiled outfits can be sealed in the storage bags, as well.
  • If your baby is on formula, spring for the ready-to-drink variety for the trip. Although these mixes are more expensive, they are absolutely worth the convenience while traveling. Once you get to your destination, you can switch back to the dry mixes.

      The important thing to remember while traveling with a newborn is that you are going to have to take everything a bit more slowly than you did before. You will have more gear, you will have to stop more often, and you will get a bit dirtier. You may get a few looks of annoyance from fellow travelers who are not sympathetic to your plight. You may even wonder why in the world you decided to embark on this trip in the first place! Just be patient, because the truth is, traveling with a newborn is actually easier than traveling with an older baby or a toddler that can scamper off and get into trouble. Enjoy this time you have with your little ones, because they will be up and out of the car seat before you know it.

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