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How to accessorize office fashion

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There are no shortages of accessories
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Accessorizing your office wardrobe for a fashion-conscious work day look

Whether you're already a clothes horse or a wardrobe monster in-training, the right accessories can subtly transform your drab grays and pantsuits into the envy of the office.

There are simple but effective ways to accessorize office fashion, and you don't have to break the bank to do it. But make sure to stick to a few accessory fundamentals. For example, pick an item to focus on and minimize the rest. If you're sporting a large, wonderful necklace avoid the earrings that can double as hula hoops.

And remember when you accessorize office fashion it should complement your overall look, not overpower it. Also, much as we may hate to admit we need to take the office environment into account. If you're greeting clients at the local stock brokerage house, the tie-dye legging are best left at home. When in doubt, take your cue from the boss and other senior executives in the office. This will usually keep you heading down the right fashion path.

If you are totally at a loss, study fashion catalogs that cater to business professionals, like the Neiman Marcus catalog and those produced by other stores like it. Neiman Marcus hires a team of the very best stylists to accessorize the clothing on the catalog pages: make them work for you by imitating stylish office looks that work overtime.

Jewelry, the basis of most accessory collections, needs some consideration. For example, if you're working at the desk all day, avoid loose-fitting clasp bracelets that will drive your co-workers nuts with the constant clanging of metal against laminate. Try an elastic bracelet or leather watch opposite a couple rings on your other hand, especially wearing short sleeves.

While you don't need a closet full of purses (I know, borderline blasphemy), it's worth investing in at least a couple of nice hand bags to accessorize office fashion; ideally one dark and one light.

Remember the silk scarf! Underutilized by many, there are a 101 ways to tie and use this great accessory; it's worth a bit of practice to learn at least a few of the basics.

And don't neglect your natural accessory, hair. Try changing it up on occasion; a bit of highlights, a hair pin or subtle style change can tweak your entire motif.

When it comes to the all-important shoes, form and function have to be taken into account. If you're running all over creation the entire day at work, a pair of high heels may look smashing, but is it worth an evening of both feet soaking in an ice bath? Pumps or flats, it s a good idea to stick with leather. Black or brown for your darker outfits and bone or teal for your lighter ensembles are usually good bets.

Enjoy a small spray of perfume? Nothing wrong with that, it adds another sense to the wardrobe. But if you're working in a confined space and over do it, your co-workers will feel like they've been bombarded with napalm.

When you accessorize office fashion keep in mind this simple principal: when you're in the office you're the star, not your accessories. If you're primed and ready for a big presentation or meeting, make sure the attendees are focused on what you re saying, not the 6-inch wide diamond encrusted belt you're sporting.

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