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Camo fashions for women

By Rebecca Trumbo
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woman in camo pants
The camo style is back and it's extended its stay
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The word camouflage stirs images of people in their Army fatigues or hunters under blaze-orange hats. The design and color of the camouflage pattern helps hide whatever is under it by copying the basic layout of the land, which is why soldiers and hunters sport the camo clothing as often as they do. The clothing comes in green for forests and jungles, tan for desserts and white for snowy terrains.

Some time ago, however, camouflage grew in popularity past the gun-carrying jobs and onto the bodies of people who used it, not to blend in, but to stick out.
  • During Vietnam, for example, protesters wore camouflage jackets with peace signs and anti-war slogan written on the backs. How better to be seen than to wear the clothes of soldiers sent to the war you're speaking out against. It was a powerful fashion statement.
  • During the 1980s, camouflage clothing became part of the punk scene. The same clothing that would help a person blend into a forest helped them stick out in a school, club or urban street. Non-camouflage clothing even took ideas from the camo look. The parachute pants that were popular in the 80s came in a variety of usually solid colors, but they incorporated the multiple pockets and zippers found on camo fatigues.
  • Camouflage fell slightly out of fashion in the 1990s. Clothes ran through a preppy cycle, then the grunge movement, an urban look, and back through another preppy cycle.

Camo fashions for women persist to this day. There are countless of stores and boutiques that offer trendy camo clothes. You can find them at online stores and at your local mall – you cant miss them!

The use of camo clothing as fashion rather than strategy has grown to the point of giving it its own name. Urban Dictionary lists the word glamoflage in its word bank. It means "a piece of clothing, the coat of a car etc. colored with a camouflage pattern, but with colors that stand out rather than help blend in

Camo fashoions for women are likely to stick around, at least until women start dressing Judy Jetson style. It's important to know a few rules about the trend.
  • First of all, try on the clothing and look at yourself from ever possible angle before you buy it. Do you have any odd shapes that land on inappropriate places on your body?
  • Also, make sure the print is large or small enough for your body type. If you're a small person, for instance, a large print pattern could overwhelm your frame.
  • Finally, wear your camouflage clothing with confidence. You're wearing something meant to help you blend in as a way to get people to notice you. It means you're being terribly sneaky with your fashion. Go with the exhilaration of the game. Hold your head up high and enjoy your clothing choice.
Now that you know everything you need to know about camo fashions for women, make sure to check out what other styles that are hot this summer so you look your best year round.

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