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Cardigans are a fashion staple in almost any wardrobe
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Did Mr. Rogers inspire cardigan fashion? Warm, comfortable, casual winter wear

Weather in late autumn is generally unpredictable at best, and with winter right around the corner, cardigan fashion is an important seasonal wardrobe element.  This season, cardigans are the best way to keep warm and look cool! 

A cardigan is a lightweight item that will keep you warm.  Since they’re primarily used for layering cardigans are easily removed to adjust for temperature fluctuations.  Cardigan fashion is not just for teachers and prep school students anymore!  New, stylish cardigans are a must have for the 2009 fall and winter season!

These days we look to our fashion mavens, runway models and movie stars for the latest fashion trends.  However, one of the most celebrated television icons credited with popularizing cardigan fashion back in the 1970s was Mr. Rogers, host of the children’s show Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

Though certainly not a glamorous Hollywood Fashionista, Mr. Rogers' mild manner, soft speaking voice, imaginative children’s programming, and colorful, hand-made, cardigan sweaters, made him a beloved television personality the world over.

This fall, slip into a cozy cardigan and reminisce on childhood memories when life was as simple and friendly as Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  Perhaps we can all take a fashion lesson from Mr. Rogers, who understood that fashion did not necessarily need to be glamorous or trendy, but rather as warm, comfortable, and casual as a cardigan sweater.

Great Tips for Cardigan Fashion This Season:

1) Continue to wear your summer tank tops into fall!  Cardigans look great over a lacy tank top or v-neck tee shirt.  Even a plain black or grey tank top or cammisol looks amazing with a colorful cardigan.

2) Long cardigans and sweater coats are particularly trendy now-especially with leggings or skinny jeans and tall boots!

3) Cardigans in bright colors are popular for this fall and winter.  Try colors like plum, deep purple, cranberry or forest green.

4) Traditional Nordic motifs will also be hot this winter.  Seek out winter cardigans in cashmere or wool.

5) Look for cardigans made of high quality alpaca wool, which is rarer and even softer than cashmere.  This soft, elegant fabric is sure to keep you cozy and warm over the holiday season.

6) Stay casual with solid colored cardigans or go formal with art knits or embroidered cardigans.

7) Crochet and hand knit cardigans suggest vintage style.  Unpack that crochet cardigan that grandma made you for your sixteenth birthday and touch it up with some delicate accents or jewelry.  Vintage crochet cardigans will be one of the hottest styles this winter!

8) For a casual look, wear a loose or open cardigan twinset with jeans.  For a more formal appearance, wear a buttoned or belted cardigan with wool slacks or a long skirt.

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