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How to choose a bra that hides back fat

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The right bra can eliminate back fat
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To choose a bra that hides back fat there are plenty of good options

Back fat. Just the words can make a woman feel insecure and wish that she had gone to the gym more, that she was younger or that she had her own personal stylist. Back fat refers to the rolls of skin or fat tissue pushed into a bumpy existence while wearing a bra. This happens for a few reasons, including age, excess weight and an ill-fitting undergarment. 

Fortunately, there are solutions available that donít require hours of daily exercise. Specially designed bras and tops can help hide back fat, smoothing things out and give you a sleek, flattering look. This also helps your clothing fit better, which leads to improved self-confidence.

Often, women have purchased bras with larger bands in the hopes that if itís looser, it wonít cut into the skin and make fat rolls. Some try to get the smallest side panels and straps, thinking that with less fabric, there is a lower chance of making the unsightly bulges. In theory, these make sense. In reality, they rarely have the desired effect.

A larger band, smaller side panels and straps wonít give the breasts donít get the support they need and the bra may cause more of a problem than expected. Chances are also good that the girls wouldnít fit into the cups very well, either. All in all, it would be very uncomfortable and go against every reason there is for wearing a bra in the first place.

Ready for the good news?

Many bra companies and boutique designers have come up with phenomenal products that hide back fat while supporting the girls perfectly well. They come in a variety of prints, sizes and styles for everyone, from the tiny size 0 on up to full figured, curvaceous women. Better still, these bras arenít stodgy looking. They are available in some very sexy styles and patterns.

To find the perfect bra for you, look for one that offers high sides made of stretchy material. This design helps with back fat by covering more of this skin as it wraps around the body. The fabric keeps the skin in place, while giving excellent support. Many designs are seamless, which is less irritating to sensitive areas. Also, by choosing a bra that is seamless, you will avoid VBL (visible bra lines) under clingy or thin tops. 

Another element to be on the lookout for is a bra with a Ďuí or leotard shape to the back. The larger side wings and straps placed closer together keep all your bits and pieces locked into place. These bras may also feel more comfortable because of the added support. While these bras usually have three or more hooks in the back, some front close options are available, as are hook-less designs that are pulled on over your head or stepped into

Wider straps help, too. How? Because they do the heavy lifting up front. Wider straps help to evenly disperse the load, letting the band, side and back panels do their job of keeping skin in place. This is why so many women have begun wearing their exercise bra as a daily one, even if they arenít going to the gym. 

If youíre looking for even more support and a way to smooth out your torso, pair the bra with a slimming camisole. This will help create a stunning look and help your favorite outfits fit even better.

Beautiful weather, summer holidays and fun in the sun mean tank tops, sleeveless blouses and sundresses. New undergarments will provide the support you need with a smooth look for your back and sides. Take the time to find the perfect bra and look your best all the time. 

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