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Choosing a men's suit

By George Garza
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Learn how to select a suit that fits you - and your unique style
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Not all men's suits are alike. If you want to select a man's suit, what should you look for? First, you should consider non-suit related features before deciding on the suit.

How often will you wear suits?

If you intend to wear suits to work often, then you should have a large number of suits available at your disposal. This will provide a rotation schedule of your suits during the week. In this way, each suit can have at least one day's rest after wearing. This will prevent it from wearing out too fast.

In addition, having more men's suits will provide you with more options of trying out various styles and unusual colors for your suits. In contrast, a smaller collection of suits will mean that it is safer to keep the suits classic in designs and colors.


Another non-suit aspect when considering buying men's suits should be based on versatility. Will it blend with your lifestyle as well as the occasions of wear? If you are buying men's suits specifically for attending evening functions, then wear darker shades such as navy blue or charcoal gray, and avoid light-colored suits.

Pants style

The pants style says a lot about you and is important. Flat-front pants will appear to be extra slimming. On the other hand, pleats can make the pants dressier. Go for lined pants that fit well on your waist. When they're bordered, they must break at the laces of your shoes and strike just on top of your heel.


You should choose an all-season fabric such as wool. It wears longer and looks better than wool-polyester blends; however, the blends typically wrinkle less. Other all-season options include twill, linen, and wool crepe. If you choose a pattern, for example, pinstripe, go for a color such as navy or charcoal; these are flattering and versatile.

Jacket style

Choose a jacket style. Three button jackets are usually preferred as they give a classier look. Few thin men prefer buying a two-button or double-breasted jacket. So here are some tips to make this work for you.

You should confirm that the jacket buttons button with no trouble and don't drag on both sides, whether you prefer to stand or to sit. You should also be sure that you could move your hands without any trouble and with your usual swift motion.

The collars must stretch out flat and show a 1/2-inch edge of the shirt lapel. Because the shoulders cannot be changed, you should make sure that they aren't stuffed or boxy. The sleeves should touch the wrist bone and shouldn't exceed by much. Finally, the jacket must be completely lined without any wrinkling ridges.

Tailored and off-the-rack

Now let's consider the kind of suit to choose.

Tailored suits are individualized and customized specifically to fit best according to each man's different body frame. But they come with a higher price attached. For many men, especially tall or big men, it's worth the difference to have a suit that fits all over. Custom made shirts are also availble to complement the suit.

Off-rack suits, like other ready-made garments, are readily available and are often designed with the latest fashion trend in mind. However, the suit might not be able to fit you as perfectly as would a tailored suit because it is produced based on the frame of an average man. What you gain in price you may lose in quality. Mass-produced off-the-rack suits usually cannot match the quality of individualized tailored suits.

Specialty design suits

Single-breasted suits. This is the basic style. Most suits are single breasted. Usually there is a choice of two or three buttons for single-breasted men's suits. The front buttons on the suits are in a single straight row.

Double-breasted suits. These are a much more stylish and formal suit worn by older men; the double-breasted jacket looks classy. The suit jacket has one of its fronts overlap the other with two sets of buttons.

Sport jackets and blazers. If you are going for the casual look, these jackets are the ones you want. They can be worn with jeans or casual pants. Sport jackets are typically made of worsted tweed or herringbone fabrics that appear as informal fabrics and patterns.

Blazers come from sport jackets and present a more informal cut and design than suit jackets. Most blazers are navy blue single-breasted jackets.

So if you want to choose a man's suit what should you look for? Fashion, fabric, pants, colors, and jacket style are important features you'll want to consider.

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