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What is city wear?

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Show your confidence and sexy side, and you’ll pull off your hip-hop look with style
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The trend toward urban fashion and city wear isn't going anywhere.

When looking at the most recent looks in women's fashion, city wear is a trend that won't be fading anytime soon. City wear is a term to describe fashionable clothing that is inspired by the rap and hip-hop musical scene. Hip-hop is no longer a male-dominated realm; thanks to the popularity of artists like Missy Elliott, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Lopez, fashion designers are producing hip-hop style for the ladies, too.

The sexier, the better

The first thing to remember in women's hip-hop fashion is that attitude is everything. To pull of the look, you need to be confident and secure in your ability to be sexy. Think low-slung jeans and short skirts that show off the midriff. Add some high-heeled boots to emphasize the leg lines.

Pair your slim jeans and short skirts with tight spaghetti-strap camisoles and tiny t-shirts that show off your figure. Many companies sell women's t-shirts screen-printed with hip-hop slogans and logos.

Inspired by the men

If you're feeling like something a little more casual and comfortable than tight t-shirts and short skirts, you can go for a look more like Missy Elliott's style. Her fashion sense is inspired by the male artists of the hip-hop world.

Start with baggy sports jerseys or polo shirts. Add some colorful trainer sneakers – leave the laces undone. Trucker style caps are also a signature element of hip-hop style for both men and women. Elliott also favors color coordinated tracksuits and hooded, fur-trimmed parkas.

The more bling, the better

One thing to remember when you dress hip-hop is that flashy accessories are a must. For the men, it's large diamond-encrusted belt buckles and gold rope chains. For ladies who want to dress hip-hop, large flashy necklaces and rings are the rage. Also, long dangly or hoop earrings, the larger the better.

Most of all, city wear has to do with attitude and sass. Show your confidence and sexy side, and you'll pull off your hip-hop look with style.


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