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How to pull off cotton fashion

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Let the comfort of cotton fashion carry you from day to evening wear
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Cotton fashion can carry you from a casual weekend to a glamorous evening

No matter what the season, cotton clothing is always a natural and comfortable choice for casual wear.  But is it possible to find cotton fashion that works in the office or for a special evening on the town? 

Absolutely!  There is no need to settle for uncomfortable synthetics no matter where your day or evening takes you.  From couture club wear to classic women's clothing, fashion choices in pure, comfortable cotton abound.

Great cotton looks for the office

When you're choosing cotton fashion for the office, look for pieces with a classic cut in subdued colors.  Steer clear of very bright colors more suited to the weekend, as well as vacation-themed prints like tropical patterns or strong florals.  The combination of cotton material and casual prints will make it look like you're dressed for a trip to Maui rather than an IT meeting.

Do look for classic cotton button-down shirts for men and women.  The soft cotton can tone down a dressier skirt or pair of trousers to give you a more approachable look. Stripes or tiny prints are good choices.  Crisp cotton skirts, pants and jackets combine comfort with a professional, business casual look that works in most offices.

Whatever you choose, make sure it's well pressed and at least lightly starched wrinkles don't play well in the boardroom.  The price of a shirt laundry is well worth it when you look polished and professional in a neatly pressed shirt, especially when you didn't have to do all the ironing to get it that way!

Cotton sweaters are another great choice for the business woman or man.  Soft natural shades of ivory and cream are a perfect solution for a chilly office or boardroom.

Cotton goes couture

When day fades into evening, there's no need to give up the comfort of cotton fashion.  Today's young designers are using natural fabrics like silk, linen and organic cotton to create cutting edge styles.  Flirty, short skirts and filmy flowing dresses are appearing on runways and in clubs around the country, and all them are made from cotton and other natural fabrics.

When you're looking for cotton evening wear, select dresses made from lightweight materials.  Heavy cotton looks great in a t-shirt, but not on a dance floor.  Look for outfits made with attention to detail, like multilayered skirts, playful ruffles or a daring mix of colors.

Mix cottons with silks for an elegant touch.  A lightweight cotton top that skims your curves looks great with flowing raw silk pants.  Add a pair of great heels and some natural gemstone jewelry, and you'll have a look that turns heads and feels good to wear.

Caring for cotton fashions

Don't make the mistake of thinking that your cotton fashions can survive the same treatment as a pair of jeans or an old tee shirt.  Use a mild detergent and the gentle cycle to launder your cotton clothing.  Or if the designer recommends it, opt for dry cleaning.  Treat your cotton shirts to a regular shirt laundry.  Coture and evening wear warrants professional laundering to keep your styles looking and fitting great.

With careful selection and the right care, you can enjoy the comfort of cotton all week long. If you want to go even a little further in your search for natural fiber, eco fashion is the best way to go green and glam at the same time.


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