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Transition fashion seasons with fall leather

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Think outside the box when choosing leather apparel.
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Here are a few ideas for your fall leather wardrobe

When some people think of leather clothing, black, leather bomber jackets and leather pants come to mind. Both of these underestimate leather's many possibilities. This is especially true in the Autumn when fall leather can help freshen your wardrobe and keep you warm during those fickle days when the seasons and the weather are changing.

Try different colors

Women's clothing, swimwear, shoes, accessories and more can all be made from leather, and they are not only in black! Camel or chocolate colored leather is hot this fall as are vibrant colors. A fitted leather blazer is a great fall leather addition to a pair of jeans or even over a skirt, long or short.

Try a basic color such as "camel" or spice it up with a bright color such as "scarlet" or "deep violet." A fitted camel-colored jacket pairs well with jeans and heels for an afternoon lunch or even cocktails after work. A pleat-trim metallic fall leather jacket is another option as is a blouson-style jacket. The pleats add a girlish touch to your overall look without any effort other than throwing on your jacket. If you do not want to wear a full jacket, a ruffle-front leather vest has a decidedly edgy twist while remaining feminine.

The old standby

If you cannot live without it, know when to wear a black leather jacket with style. First of all, make it part of your total look and do not throw it on as an afterthought. Pair it with jeans and skirts, but suggests you should never pair it with a floral print dress because it wreaks of 90ís style and should be avoided at all costs.


As mentioned earlier, they suggested looking for fall leather jackets in colors that complement your wardrobe rather than just sticking with the color black. You should also wear it when the weather warrants it despite the season. If it is a chilly night in August and you are going clubbing, add it to your outfit. Unlike previous times when people kept their leather jackets on in a club, it is acceptable to take it off when you arrive at your destination.

Take good care

Even leather pants, especially in an updated cut and fabric such as wide-legged leather control pants, can make a fashion statement this fall. The addition of control fabric features to leather helps keep you shapely as you head out to an event or even to work.

Just make sure you know how to correctly clean leather so your pants or jackets will last longer. After all, leather never goes out of style. It just becomes less wearable if it is torn, sagging or suffers from hanger damage. You can use mild soap lather, but never use water. Lather a gentle soap such as Dove bath bar, then gently rub it on the stain. Quickly wipe off with a clean cloth making sure not to get it too wet. When the leather is dry, rub a leather conditioner such as saddle soap onto the area. Make sure to finish with oil made to preserve leather such as mink oil. The best way to keep it clean is to send it out to a professional leather cleaner.

Leather will always be in style and it always makes a great way to transition your wardrobe into fall. Just make sure your fall leather works with your overall wardrobe and that you take care of it. Keeping your leather conditioned and shapely assures you will have your leather ready to go when the style returns in the future.

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