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Your personality and unique style may be clues to a destination that will become your favorite fashion capital.
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Take stock of fashion compatibilities then choose your capital

The world is a small place anymore. Tall, leggy models toss back their hair as they head for the airport. Men with smoldering eyes and a bit of a shadow on their jaws scowl for the cameras as they pretend to flee the paparazzi. Jet travel is shrinking the globe more each day. Thank goodness it's not necessary to travel to the ends of the earth to find your own fashion capital.


Pack a bag but don't go too far. Earth travel is an adventure but it can be dangerous, expensive and—in some places—a threat to one's health. Nobody needs to leave the good old USA to find exotic adventures of the fashionable kind. America is loaded with cities where a fashionable person can walk with attitude and elegance.


Homegrown style graces many of the cities and towns of America. The fashion capital that matches a person's personal style might have warm, coastal flavors. Or, it might exude the scent of pines, mixed with smoky overtones from a cozy fireplace in a cabin by the lake. Choosing a fashion capital might be even easier for a beach bunny whose fanciest attire is a bikini with a detachable skirt


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is demonstrated in the way fashionable women wear beautiful ladies scarves—across the hips or thrown over one shoulder. It's seen in the placement of a perfect piece of jewelry on a little black dress. One's city of delight can easily become one's fashion capital.


Are you a child of the cold who loves thrills and chills?


Nothing looks better than a plush parka's fur-lined hood as it is framing a beautiful face. Furs and faux furs, along with brushed wools and animal-print velour are compatible for coverage on the ski slopes. The snow babe who feels right at home on skis—or perched near the piano in the ski lodge—may adopt as her fashion capital the famed ski resort of Aspen, Colorado.


Aspen is comprised of resort areas that offer all kinds of winter sports. Its scenery also includes the fabulous fashions worn by the elite who make the resort their second home during ski season. Elevations are lofty and the fresh air is great for the complexion in fair-skinned maidens and those with olive and darker tones. Aspen is the perfect fashion capital for winter-time fun-lovers.



Do you like a little salt with your beach fashions?


The opposite end of the style spectrum takes one to tropical venues where sunsets rage in purples and pinks. Many men there are tanned and trim. Those with a little extra adipose also are welcome for their casual camaraderie. In a beach environment, nobody has to be perfect to lounge the day away sipping fruity, frosty beverages. Those who fit in with the social scene, however, find the rays of the sun frequently glinting off their fine diamond jewelry—or the lenses of cameras wielded by fashion photographers on tour.


Beach scenes featuring palm trees and cabanas that replicate thatch-roofed huts tend to draw crowds who favor a clothing optional policy. Nudism and coconut milk seem to have an affinity. And while fashion often depends on the strategic placement of clothing, there may in some fashion houses be a steady call for bronzed breasts and an absence of tan lines. A logical fashion capital for American sun lovers might be Key West, Florida. Another favorite probably would be Miami.


Are you bred to fashions fit for a city dweller?


The beaches and the ski slopes have appeal for many fashion-forward thinkers but metropolitan areas offer amenities not found in places where the elements dictate dress. Women in six-inch heels might not do too well on the beach or in the snow. Men whose wardrobes are rife with tailored business suits surely will prefer a townhouse atmosphere.


Business people of both sexes would rather eat sand than get any of the grains inside the leather cases used for carrying laptops and other electronic goodies. When corporate fashion prevails, a traditional town such as Boston, Massachusetts may prevail as the fashion capital. A town where corporate fashion motivates people to opt for clean, uncluttered lines and subtle colors in their clothing is a town where sophistication and elegance outrank the outrageous.


Nobody has to go to London or Paris to enjoy a lifestyle filled with fashion and fun. Look out your door. Watch the passing parade. You may see theater-goers in cashmere and silk. You might see college students in urban clothing. Or, construction workers in wonderfully worn denim jeans that fit just right. Fashion is all around you. And your fashion capital might be found in an imaginative state of mind.

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