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Fashion tips for tall women

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Tall and sexy is the order of the day!
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Key fashion tips for tall women because you don't want clothes that don't fit

The sleeves that don't reach your wrists. The pants that stop short of your ankles. And then there are the "tunics" that look more like slighting oversized t-shirts. Ah, yes...the joy of trying to find clothes that fit as a tall woman. 

I feel your pain! At 5'9", almost nothing on the racks at a standard department store fits me. Even the camisoles and sleep shirts are several inches too short. So what's a girl to do? 

Some women try buying a larger size to get the length they need. But unless you love the baggy look, that probably won't work. Others entirely eliminate things like blouses from their wardrobe. But there are some other options. Here are some of my favorite fashion tips for tall women to help you find the look you want and the fit you need. 

Learn about fit

If you've spent years trying to find clothes that will "do", there's a good chance you don't know exactly how clothes should fit. But understanding where the bottom of a sweater should fall, where a sleeve on a jacket or blouse should hit your wrist or how long a suit skirt should be are critical tools to finding clothes that genuinely fit you. 

For instance, a tunic should reach at least to the bottom of the hip. A blouse sleeve should reach the base of your thumb when your arm is relaxed at your side. There are guides on sites like LifeHacker to help you determine where things should reach, start or stop. That will give you an objective measure of whether a garment fits or does not. 

Find a retailer who carries your size...and your length

Too many of the shops that carry tall women's clothing only carry sizes 14 and above, leaving the tall sized 8 or 10 out of luck. Buying clothing a size or two (or three or four...) too large won't work unless you have the time and money to have the items tailored to fit you.

And if you wear a 14 or above, make sure your retailer sells clothes that work for your height. One without the other is just not going to work. 

And speaking of tailors....

If you live in an area where the only tall clothing is also too large a size, get to know a good tailor in your area. Finding someone who knows your body shape can make it much easier to end up with clothing that look great instead of clothing that looks altered and tucked. 

And now for the clothing itself...

Once you have the size down, the rest of the tips are easy. 

Break up the colors -- When you're tall, a monochromatic suit can sometimes look like too much of a good thing. Instead of picking out a suit or outfit in all one color, consider breaking up the look with a print skirt and solid jacket. Or grey pants and a jewel-toned sweater. 

Make sure the proportions work with your body -- A short flouncy skirt that looks cute and flirty on a petite woman can look too small on a taller lady, even if it's technically the right size. Learn how to strike a balance between the amount of skin and the amount of clothing for a better look. 

The news is not all about what you can't do. Remember, tall women can carry off longer skirts, high-waisted pants and longer jackets with more grace than their shorter sisters. 

Bring on the color -- A bold color or larger print that would swallow up a tinier woman can be just the right choice for a tall one. Yes, you can where that bold look, so go for it!

Don't forget the accessories -- Just as with shirt sleeves and skirt lengths, the size and lengthof jewelry matters, too. A tiny pendant on a short chain can easily get lost on a tall woman. That longer, multi-layer or more dramatic material is probably a better way to go. Keep chains, charms, pendants and earrings in proportion to your lovely height. The same rules apply to purses, silk scarves, and all other accessories. 

To heel or not to heel -- Decades ago, a woman who was considered tall was doomed to a life in flats. Thankfully not so these days!  Women like me, and women much taller than I am are proudly donning 3, 4 or even 5" heels and standing up tall for their height. 

So go ahead and flatter that dress or those jeans with a pair of sexy heels. You deserve the beautiful way it will make you feel. 

Don't forget what's all under -- One of the most important tall women's fashion tips I can offer is to pay attention to your undergarments. Make sure that camisole doesn't hit your mid-rib, that the panties make it over your badonkadonk, and the tights reach your waist. If your undies feel too small, it not only won't look good, it won't feel good. And feeling bad is no way to start looking good.

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