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Fashion trend shoes for summer

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Catch the hottest fashion trend shoes for this summer
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What's the hottest in fashion trend news for shoes this summer?

It's hot outside...sizzling! 

Don't you want your look to be just as hot? With all that bare skin, accessories like shoes are more important than ever this season. Check out the inside scoop on the sexist, sweet fashion trend shoes to ever walk down the summer style runway.

And when work calls, this summer even offers new looks in shoes designed to keep you safe and yet stylish on the job.

Ready for some shoe shopping? Read on!

Strappy, strappy, strappy!

The look is pure sex appeal.  Higher than high heels with delicate straps that wrap around the foot or even up the ankle. Pair them with a flirty short skirt, a pair of skinny jeans or a filmy dress for a look that will put the summer sun to shame.

A note of caution, With shoes this hot, the focus will be on your feet, so make sure they're polished and perfect before you step out the door.

A classic summer shoe is back.

The espadrille, a classic look in summer
fashion trend shoes is making a big comeback this summer. These mainstays of the preppy closet are coming out in a whole new array of colors and textures.  Even their classic lines won't fool you -- these are not your mother's espadrilles! 

Wear your espadrilles with a pair of jeans, that cute little pair of safari-style shorts or an updated version of the cotton summer skirt. A word of warning: espadrilles do not fair well on soggy or drizzly days, so save them for sunny outings or indoor events.

Shoes that work for work -- and play

Sure it's work, and you have to be safe, but that does have to mean clunky, ugly shoes like look like an smaller version of men's styles. You can find fashionable, non-slip shoes that will carry you through a long day on your feet in safety and feminine style. Go for a Mary Jane or ballet flat for an all around good look on the job.

Super cool summer sandals

It just wouldn't be summer without a new pair of sandals -- or two or three. And this summer the choices abound. From metallics to beaded styles to handmade looks in leather and fabric, there are sandals for every summer fashion.

When you're shopping for sandals, take your time and make sure they well made and fit well.  Sandals that flop around, have poorly made straps or a too-thin sole may look good in the store, but won't make it through the summer in one piece.

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