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Fashion trends on a budget

By Matt Williamson
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Following the latest fashion trends isn't hard with a good plan.
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If you want to follow today's fashion but can't afford the latest from Louis Vuitton, don't be dismayed. You can still stay up to date on this season's fashion trends. Start by taking small steps and your wardrobe will soon be revamped and in style – just how you want it.

Check the Styles To get started, research the styles for the upcoming season. Browse through fashion magazines at a bookstore or check them out from your local library. You can also surf online to find the latest in fashion.

Fix up your Wardrobe One of the first and best ways to update your wardrobe is to start by looking at what you already have. Begin by sorting through your clothes. If you have any pieces you haven't worn in more than a year or items that no longer fit, take them out of the closet. Before throwing them out, consider adjusting a hemline or adding buttons for an updated look.

Have a Clothing Swap A clothing swap is another way to add more variety to your wardrobe. First, gather clothes that no longer fit you or that you do not wear anymore. Then ask your friends to do the same. Invite them over and lay out all of the clothes. Have each person look through the items and choose a few. Chances are everyone will find something to add to their wardrobe. And you will have fun trying on different clothes and "shopping" among friends – for free.

Go Rummaging Once you are ready to purchase new items for your closet, head to a nearby thrift store or garage sale. Secondhand stores often have designer wear that has been lightly worn. You can also try eBay, which often has designer clothes for a discounted price, yet another way to follow fashion trends on a budget.

Add a Few Quality Pieces When you do go to the mall to pick out new clothes, keep in mind that quality pieces will last longer. They will also stay in style longer than trendy pieces. Think of adding one new blazer in a basic, solid color. Or opt for sandals that have a classic look to them. By adding pieces slowly, you will be able to improve the quality of your wardrobe and make it last longer.

Shop at the End of the Season You can get a head start on the year ahead by looking for sales near the end of the season. Browse through the clearance racks at the end of the summer. Chances are, you'll find a few great pieces for much less than the original cost.

To aid in your quest to follow fashion trends on a budget, set a dollar limit before you hit the stores. This will help keep you from overspending. It will also allow you to carefully consider each purchase. You will make wise decisions and add great pieces to your closet. And you will feel better doing so.

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