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Finding the perfect women's suit

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Find suits for your entire group at affordable prices!
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Find the perfect suit for your next gathering

Church groups, choirs, sororities, and socials organizations often have events in which they will need matching attire.  An usher board president has the responsibility for dressing the group.  When shopping for an usher suit or choir dress, there are important factors including style, prices, sizing, and availability. 

The style of the suit is always in the details.  Jackets will generally have 1-4 buttons.  Buttons can be straight down the front or in a crossover pattern creating a double breasted suit.  Buttons can be plain, satin, or embellished.  Suits may have a hook closure instead of buttons.  They may have matching brooch pins.  Collar styles can be standard, satin trimmed, or no collar.  High quality suits will have lining.   Most styles are made from some type of polyester, most commonly peach skin fabric or georgette fabric.

When calling about your usher suit, ask about a group discount.  Most retailers will give a greater discount based on the number of suits ordered.  It is best to have the number of people you will be dressing so you can get more accurate information on pricing.  Shipping cost can be a major expense; however shipping them together may save money. 

A major issue is sizing. This step is simple yet can be detrimental for a successful order. A list of everyone’s true size should be attained based on the size that person usually wears.  Sizes 16 and above should indicate whether they are woman’s “W” sizes or not.  Most women don’t know there is a size difference between and 18 and 18W. It is best to speak to a retailer about how the label runs regarding to size.  Labels might run large, small, or true to size. Talking to an experienced sales representative is a must in the ordering process.  Minor alternations may need to be made since not all women fit perfectly in one size.  Women that wear a large size in either a top or bottom should order the larger size and alter the other piece to fit. 

After all the options are looked at and determined, your group will have the perfect suit.  Be sure to pick a high quality suit to represent your group.  One helpful tip in finding a quality suit is how the suit is cut.  Suits that run larger than the size are usually higher quality.  Lower end labels tend to run smaller so they may use less material.  Boutique and higher end labels are made with adequate fabric material and lining.  Shop for high end boutique suits or group order suits.

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