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Fragrances for fall

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Here are some tips for selecting and wearing fragrances for fall

Although none of us can boast of having a nose as powerful as that of a bloodhound’s, there is no question that our choice of scents are our signatures. As summer slips away, fruity and flowery scents evanesce and make way for the fragrances for fall; namely, deeply-scented, musky woodsy aromas that are sweet without being cloying. Bear in mind that fragrances for both men and women no matter how delightful, should never arrive at a destination before the wearer (or even linger too long after the wearer has departed).

Fragrances for fall are balanced, rich, warm and sensual. They are often crisp and cozy scents with spicy accents that are reminiscent of the Orient. Many fragrances for fall are available at discount prices. Some specific scent preferences for the season might include: brandy, apples, spices, hay, nutmeg and ginger.

In the case of women, look for eau de parfum versions of a favorite scent rather than lighter eau de toilette formulas. These may be more expensive, but in the long run are perfect fragrances for fall because they last longer on skin in colder weather, which tends to weaken the scent of perfume. For men, rich, nature-inspired, warm and woodsy scents fare elegantly and well.

What are some tips for properly wearing fragrances for fall?

1- Less is always more than enough

Remember that with all fragrances, less is always more and only a few spritzes are necessary to capture the scent.

2- Apply cologne strategically

Cologne should always be applied only to pulse points; namely, those body parts that generate heat. Typically, these include: the neck, wrists, back, behind the ears, chest and even the thighs. The heat is a generator, so to speak, and helps the cologne to continually emit fragrance throughout the day. For best results, the cologne should be allowed to sit on the skin and dry evenly because otherwise the heat will distort the scent.

3- Perfume should only enhance an individual’s personal space
Whatever fragrances for fall you decide to make your own, they should be mild enough to be pleasant but non intrusive. The best way to avoid this is to pick a perfume according to your skin type and not because it smells nice on someone else. Perfume should always represent the perfect blend of scent and your own unique body aromas.

4- Shop around for the perfect fragrance for you
Many times, people make the mistake of shopping too hastily for perfume. This is a classic error, as different people have different body chemistry, which means that the fragrance that suits your best friend is probably not for you. Also you should always test a perfume before selecting it. Spray two or three types of fragrances for fall on your skin and the wait at least 10 minutes for the real fragrance to come to the surface. THEN select your fragrances for fall.

5- Learn how to “wear” fragrances for fall
Selecting the proper fragrance for your own particular body chemistry is only one step in understanding the power of perfume. You must also learn how to “wear it.” The proper technique involves understanding your skin type. The presence or lack of oil in your skin enhances or reduces the effect of the fragrance. Oily skin can keep the fragrance intact for longer. An extra amount of perfume may be necessary for dry skin.

The best time of day to apply perfume is after taking a bath or shower as the pores to your skin are open and easily soak up the fragrance. Do not apply deodorizing soaps with perfume; the combination will not work. Also, avoid wearing pearls when applying perfume as they can become discolored by the presence of the alcohol in the perfume. To be on the safe side, always apply perfume AWAY from whatever jewelry you are wearing.

The fragrances for fall await your selection. Hurry up, as soon it may be winter and too late.

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