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Feeling beautiful in a fabulous dress is part of most women's graduation plans
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Head to the mall anytime after mid April and you'll find a plethora of teenaged girls searching for the perfect graduation dress. Store windows proudly display gowns of all shapes, sizes and colors and finding the right one may include trying on many possible contenders. Here is a guide to finding the perfect graduation dress for you.

When it comes to graduation dresses, anything goes. Choosing a dress that suits your personal style and taste is important. Graduation is one of the biggest days in a young person's life and feeling beautiful in a fabulous dress is part of the tradition. Usually, graduation dresses are shorter in length in order to fit easily under a graduation gown and afterwards, worn casually to an after grad celebration. However, if you prefer a longer dress and a more sophisticated style, many dress stores cater to this preference as well. Whatever style you choose, make sure that it reflects your personality. Above all, make sure that you are comfortable; nothing can ruin an evening quicker than constantly having to adjust a rising hemline or a drooping bust line.

Going shopping

You can start making graduation memories during the shopping trip for the perfect dress. Gather your friends together for a fun trip to the mall and local boutiques and help one another peruse the hangers for a dress suited to each girl. Another great idea is to take your mother along on the trip. In addition to being thrilled by the invitation and the chance to bond over the racks of dresses, she will appreciate the chance to approve the graduation dress chosen prior to purchase.

If the budget is very tight

If the cost is a big concern, remember that previously owned dresses can be found on line and are often advertised in your local paper. Another great idea is to rummage through friends' and older sisters' closets for dresses that you can borrow for your big day.

The details to look for

Things to consider when purchasing a graduation dress are style, color and fit. Choosing a dress that will be complimentary to your figure is very important. First, choose the neckline that you prefer. Halter, strapless, spaghetti straps and cris- cross straps are just a few of the many options. Consider the hairstyle you will be wearing to the event in order to choose a neckline that will be the most flattering. Up-do's often work well with strapless and halter dresses, while V-necks and cowl necks look best when hair is down. Remember also that you will need to purchase undergarments cut to fit properly under your dress.

Next, turn your attention to the body of the dress. Empire waists, snug waists, and baby doll styles are all popular right now;

Choose the cut most becoming to your figure.

Lastly, decide upon length. Short and long dresses are both acceptable and hemlines cut on the bias are flattering to most figures. Take the shoes you will be wearing along with you on your shopping trip to help you determine the length of dress you will need. Try on many dresses to see what works best for you.

Color is an important consideration when choosing graduation dresses. Certain colors look best on different skin tones and with different hair colors so determine which colors you like and which look best on you.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when purchasing graduation dresses is fit. If a dress is too tight, do not purchase it.

No matter how beautiful your graduation dress is, if it doesn't fit properly it will not look well on you and your evening will be ruined by the constant adjustments you will have to make.

Not only will you will be uncomfortable, the dress will be unflattering. If the dress you love is too large, tailoring can sometimes be arranged to ensure a proper fit..

Choosing a stylish, flattering, well-fitting graduation dress is important to ensure that your graduation night is a success. Shop well and have fun!

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