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Holiday party outfits

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Let me go! It's party time!
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How to dress appropriately for that special holiday party

It’s that time of year again when those Christmas items come out from their dusty home in the back of the hall closet and we prepare for the party whirl that is so much a part of our lives at holiday time. No matter what you may celebrate, festivities abound this time of year and with each new party, new holiday party outfits appear that will answer that the same old question and dilemma; namely, what shall I wear that will fit in perfectly with the clothing styles of the season?

For most of us, comfort and style are the two most important things to consider when planning our holiday party outfits. This usually calls for casual wear; such as slacks, skirts, sweaters, boots and casual tops. For more formal affairs, even those fancy occasions demand highly personalized accessories that will make any outfit yours and yours alone. That being said, there are still some things to avoid when putting together those holiday party outfits.

What are some common mistakes people make when selecting holiday party outfits?

1- Overdressing for that holiday party

Fancy tops that shimmer and shine with beading are all fine for the holidays, but too much shimmering and shining is another story. Too glitzy can be overwhelming and unflattering as well, especially if the glitz draws attention to sensitive areas. This would apply to a beaded sweater for a very busty lady, for example. By all means, go glitzy but don’t leave classy at home. If you keep them both in mind, you are sure to glow with your holiday outfit in more ways than one.

2- Dress sexy but not sleazy

Showing too much skin can be very difficult to carry off at a holiday party. It also negates that invisible boundary about leaving some things to the imagination. Suggestion is the operative word here; accentuate and suggest, but don’t boldly state. Some examples might include: the hint of great cleavage rendered by a lace-trimmed camisole under a blazer or a small slit in a long skirt.

3- Understanding designated dress codes

Dress codes can be ambiguous and designations on party invitations such as “dressy casual” or “cocktail attire” are sometimes about as clear as mud. Two wardrobe items will always work in these circumstances; namely, the little black dress for her and the dark suit for him. If in doubt, stick to these and your holiday party outfits will always be appropriate.

4- Getting caught with nothing to wear

One of the worst fashion disasters during this exciting time of year is getting caught without something to wear to that great holiday party. Panic attacks can occur if there are no holiday party outfits in your closet and no ingredients to make one that will be suitable. By keeping a few dressy basics in your closet you can always be prepared for last-minute invitations. You can even re-wear the items and make them look totally different with a whole new set of accessories. Don’t get caught with nothing to wear; consider yourself a boy scout even if you are a girl, and be prepared.

5- Making holiday party outfits too complicated

It is hard to have a good time and avoid feelings of dread if organizing holiday party outfits becomes a stressful journey into fear and disorganization. Don’t bother with dressy separates and trying to figure out which goes with which; stick to one piece and here we are with that little black dress again. It will always work in a pinch, and even if you wore it to a party the night before, if you change the accessories it isn’t likely that anyone will notice, as they will probably be cavorting around the office holiday party in their own little black dresses as well.

Style, class and comfort are the three things to keep in mind when selecting all holiday party outfits. They will never fail you as you dash across the party scene. Above all, have a good time and to all a good…whatever!

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