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How do I get day look make-up?

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day look makeup
Sheer colors are the key to day look makeup
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Subtlety is the key for day look make-up. You don't want to look over-done.

Have you ever carefully applied your make-up, or so you thought, at your vanity table, under artificial light, early in the morning, still bleary eyed and yawning and then ventured out into the bright, glaring, unmerciful sunlight and caught a glimpse of yourself in your rear view mirror?

Yikes! Visions of Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane!

Ghastly! So how do I get day look make up, you ask.

It is easy to accidentally go overboard on make-up particularly if you think you are looking dreadful and need to spackle the heck out of your face before you face the world. You can get away with more razzle dazzle and sparkle and intensity at night but the daylight is unforgiving, and you are going to look like a clown if you use a heavy hand and products that are too thick and obvious.

Sometimes less IS more. Particularly, if you are a woman of a certain age and donít want to advertise your lines and creases and uneven skin tone.

First, look for a blush that offers a natural, soft, sheer hint of color. No over-madeup Joker face here.

Sometimes a make-up item is so loved that it becomes something of a cult classic, and thatís the case with light, fresh tones in blush and foundation, which has been favored for good reason by many professionals.

It is the perfect blush for daytime and works well on any type of skin. The blush application is flawless and gives the user complete control over the saturation of color. You can layer it with other shades of blush to create more intensity and depth or wear it solo. And just the idea that it looks like only moments before you had Ö. Okay, you get the idea. Well, they do say that sex makes your face glow. 

Another resoundingly popular item is a sheer day look lipstick, which is non-drying, contains Vitamin E and actually nourishes your lips. No more dry, parched lips! This lipstick wears ridiculously long, which is a major perk for those who hate to discover that their lipstick has vanished 20 minutes after theyíve put it on and after just one cup of coffee. Rumor has it that once you start wearing a quality lipstick you refuse to wear any other kind.

Sheer foundations are ideal for daytime. Use a powder that is triple-milled and provides ultra coverage, but itís very natural looking and you are not going to look like a zombie. In fact, you will look radiant and your skin texture will be much better. The silky-smooth consistency of this product absorbs excess oil and blends perfectly into your skin. No one will know youíre wearing powder. 

No one is suggesting that you canít wear make-up or should even think about not wearing it.

Wear it, as often as you want to. Just remember that there is a difference in how make-up is applied for the daytime versus how you wear it at night. The bright light of day is unforgiving, and if you have gone haywire when you applied your make-up this is going to age you rather than make you looking radiant and youthful.

Use a light touch. Donít be heavy handed.

Also, use balance. If you want to emphasize your eyes, go light on the lips and vice versa.

During the summer months, you can count on getting some sun on your skin, but not too much, which gives your skin a blush of color and a glow so you donít need as much artificial help, particularly during the day. 

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