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How do I get rid of back bulge?

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This is what you are trying to avoid: Back bulge
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Get rid of back bulge so your rear view looks as good as your front view

Oh, you look just lovely! But, on second thought, wait! Before you skip out the front door, turn around and check out your south side in the mirror. What is that bulging lump of something or other on your back? What havoc have your undergarments wreaked on your rear view. Back bulge. Back fat.

If you have back fat, unsightly rolls and lumps, you should stop and ask yourself, "How do I get rid of back bulge?"

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we do not notice it because we do not see it. Now that you are aware that it is there, lay down the gauntlet, issuing a challenge, put the back fat on notice, and start battling back bulge.

If you are one of those women who carries extra weight on her back, otherwise known as the dreaded "back fat" or "back boobs," it is a fashion faux pas (mistake) of the highest order to wear an ill-fitting bra. This will create and emphasize lumps, bumps, bulges and pockets of fat that have made themselves at home on your back.

If you are one of those shapely gals with an hour glass figure and a rack you must wear a bra that fits - back bulge shapewear is a good foundation - so you do not draw attention to any extra padding you are sporting on your back.

Back bulge is the same fat that shows up on your butt and belly. Although back fat is not as dangerous to your health as is abdominal fat, it is unattractive and can mess up the looks of a really good looking outfit and an otherwise striking woman.

Even women who are not overweight can appear to have back bulge if they are wearing a bra that does not fit well.

Combat back bulge by purchasing a bra that fits, which may even require a professional fitting, and putting it on properly. After you have slipped into your bra, pull it down in the back so that it gets anchored under your shoulder blades. If you do not tug the bra down it will inch up and push your back skin up and over the edge of your bra.

Consider that the band of your bra may not be wide enough. One that is sufficiently wide will keep your bra from slipping around and result in a smooth look from behind. Bras that have a slightly wider band in back and on the sides will keep your bulge tucked neatly under the bra, where it should be -- not on display.

As we get older, our skin loses its elasticity and is less firm and rather spongy. If you have gained weight, this too can cause your once taut skin to go soft. If you wear a form-fitting outfit these lumps and bulges are probably going to be evident, unless you wear a bra that conceals them. 

Check out the new styles of bras that give you great coverage and results in smooth lines. Slimming bras are one option. They slim your torso and your back just as a control-top pantyhose does for your butt and stomach. 

Shapewear undergarments are excellent styles designed to minimize specific body and clothing problems, like back bulge. Another option is Bra-llelujah from Spanx. The back of the bra is constructed out of hosiery, and the straps are elastic-free, which means they will not cut into your back and create back bulge. The Unbelievebra smooths out back bulge and hides love handles. This bra is long and can be tucked into your pants. 

If you are really determined to get rid of your back bulge start exercising. Doing yoga will tone up, as well as strengthen and define your back. Lift small hand weights while you are watching TV. Lift the weights over your head and out to the sides. You can do this while sitting down. Swimming is a wonderful way to tone the back. Think about the strong, broad muscular backs that swimmers boast. 


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