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How many swimsuits do you need?

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When it comes to bathing suits, the more, the merrier!

How many swimsuits do you need? Actually, every woman should have at least two. That way, you will never have to slip into a still-wet bathing suit (ick!) that hasn't dried out from your previous dip.

Additionally, you may need different kinds of bathing ensembles depending on what you are doing in them.

Bikinis and two-pieces are great for sunbathing and sloshing around in the pool, and if you are a serious swimmer or are intent on snorkeling, surfing or skiing you may need a one-piece. You do not want your bottom or top falling off while you are in the midst of an athletic pursuit. You have got more important things to worry about, such as trying to stand up on those skis, than hanging onto your top or bottom for dear life. 

The kind of suit you wear is going to determine where your suntan lines are. If you do not want visible strap marks, you need to wear a strapless top. However, some suits come with convertible straps that can be removed while you are lying in the sun. Wear the straps when active. 

Fat Days

There are those fat days when you just cannot countenance the thought of wearing your belly-revealing two piece. You need a one-piece for these 'bloated' days. You will feel more comfortable and far less self-conscious.

Mixing and Matching

You can always mix and match tops and bottoms. Everyone's doing it. Just because the top is pink doesn't mean the bottom has to be. Instead of buying matching tops and bottoms buy different colors. It's fun. Feel free to mix patterns as well as colors. Celebrities have been doing this for a long time. Check out their beach photos in your favorite tabloid.

This option comes in handy particularly if you are bigger on the top than on the bottom or vice versa. You can buy a size 12 top and a size 10 for the bottom or the other way around. This is the delight of buying separates. You can find a two-piece that will accommodate your specific body size and shape.

Another perk: When you mix and match the tops and bottom your bathing wear does not get monotonous. You look different every time you stroll out to the pool or onto the beach. It appears you have a lot of different bathing outfits when in fact you have two tops and two bottoms you wear interchangeably, which equals four different combinations.

Swim Dress

If you intend on playing volleyball while at the beach or engage in a game of badminton or croquet in your back yard after taking a dip, wear a swim dress. Yes, you can swim in it but you can also wear it as you would a short, summer dress. The swim dress is comfortable and flattering and provides more coverage than a typical suit. Get a swim dress featuring body-shaping material, providing tummy control.

More Benefits

When you have more than two suits, you get more mileage out of both. Chlorine, salt water and the sun are hard on the garments. When you alternate suits, each lasts longer. Buying two is a smart and good investment.

While you are at it, get a cover-up. Yes, some people are comfortable strolling around on the boardwalk in their swimwear but a lot of people aren't. Toss on a cover-up over your bathing costume when you leave the pool or beach area. Modesty can be a good thing.

There are so many flatting styles, designs, colors and suit combinations available nowadays, buying a suit doesn't have to be the horrible ordeal it was in the past. You will find one that makes you look good, regardless of your size, is comfortable and accommodates your summer lifestyle.

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