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How much jewelry to wear

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It depends quite a bit on what the jewelry is
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How much jewelry to wear is a matter of personal style, but here are guidelines

When it comes to adorning yourself with accessories and jewelry there is an awful fine line between just enough and way, way too much. There are a couple of different pieces of jewelry that a person can leave the house wearing that are perfectly fine every day, no matter what you are doing. There is also a point where you are wearing so much jewelry that you begin to look as though you don't really know how to find the line between stylish and odd looking.

There are of course, a couple of pieces of jewelry that you can wear and never be accused of going over the top, but how do you know how much jewelry to wear? A good rule of thumb is to simply not don so much jewelry that you look like you might be trying to sell it.

The rules for how much jewelry is too much also changes based on who you are talking about. Whether it is fair or not, there are different standards for men versus women when it comes to judging the line between perfectly okay and way too much.

For women, there are actually a couple of different levels of adorning themselves they can reach before they get to the point where people start to look at them cross-eyed. There are of course the usual pieces of jewelry that are almost expected these days. Earrings are something that most people just expect to see on a woman and as long as they aren't wearing truly odd earrings or three different pairs then no one will notice if they have them on. 

Rings are another thing that most women are just expected to be wearing, obviously especially if they are married. This is also where women can go a little overboard if they end up wearing two or more rings on any one hand. Obviously a woman can go with a one carat engagement ring without many people looking at them funny, because some people are just expecting women to have a little bling when it comes to this particular kind of jewelry.

Men are expected to wear rings, though they have a smaller number they are allowed to have before people start to think they are wearing just a little too much. A wedding band and a signet ring are usually about as far as a man should go when outfitting themselves when it comes to rings.

Bracelets and necklaces are another thing all together when it comes to trying to tell just how much jewelry is enough and how much is far too much. This often becomes difficult because the styles have changed over the last few years. Guys wearing bracelets is no longer something that is completely unheard of, especially of those bracelets are just simple silver or gold bands.

Women of course, can wear more extravagant bracelets for the simple reason that something like a tennis bracelet has long been something expected on women.

As far as necklaces go, women can again adorn themselves with jewelry that is far more flashy than what a man get get away with and they can certainly wear more than one necklace if they layer pieces that complementary, like a number of charm necklaces or multiple charms on one chain. Women can also pair up their bracelets and rings and necklaces to make an actual ensemble for a night out on the town, while a man wearing all of those things would be wearing entirely too much jewelry.

To be on the safe side, a man should never go out with much more than one watch, one bracelet and two rings, one on each hand. Anything more than that and he approaches an area where he's crossed the line.

Women can usually do a couple of rings (one on each hand) a couple of bracelets, earrings and a couple of necklaces. As long as nothing is incredibly gaudy, no one will find that overdoing it. Adding on, like three bracelets or a ton of rings and necklaces, and the line has been crossed as well., unless the wearer has a strong sense of style and the moxie to pull it off.

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