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How to accessorize Western style dresses

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silver cuff bracelet
Silver lace cuff is a good start
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Learning how to accessorize Western style dresses is going to be fun!

You are dressing with a country flavor and need to figure out how to accessorize a Western style dress. Oh, no problem. There is a wealth of beautiful jewelry and buckles made by silversmiths that make accessorizing this type of ensemble a walk in the park!

Get Started

Imagine yourself in an outfit combining rustic ornamentation with simplicity; cowboy boots; a suede fringed skirt; peasant blouse; a tribal patterned sweater or blanket shawl and the man of your dreams on your arm. 

Add to that a sumptuously embroidered velvet, suede or denim jacket for those chilly nights.

Fringe is good.

Spiff up the look with chunky turquoise and silver jewelry.


You have simply got to wear silver accessories, which are tantamount to the southwest. Handcrafted silver, abundant in western heritage, is the basis for jewelry in this neck of the woods.

Innovative and custom-made belt buckles turn a regular belt and ensemble into a masterpiece. Belt buckles come in various designs, including scallops and squares, as well as antique styles. Belt buckles are not the monopoly of cowboys.

Wear a silver, engraved cuff bracelet, which is bold yet feminine. Cuff bracelets in the western style often feature hand-painted swirls and curls and stylish scallops.

You may think 'lace' and 'western' style are disparate but not so. Consider a silver pinpoint and western lace cuff bracelet, featuring turquoise, engraved with open filigree curls. It is not actual lace but it certainly has the delicate flow and feel of wind and water and lacy curtains, which nicely juxtaposes with the bolder aspects of this type design. The cuff is both majestic and feminine.


What is a western outfit without some turquoise? Unheard of, that's what. The turquoise and sapphire blue hues found in these designs and accessories are an acknowledgment of the famous azure skies found in the west. 

Slip on a pair of dangling silver/turquoise engraved earrings. This is the perfect complement to this style of dress. Amp it up even more with rhinestone jewelry coupled with silver and turquoise. 

If you wear barrettes in your hair, opt for an antique, gunmetal flourish version, etched in traditional western bright cut style with intertwined vines and engraved trim around the edge. 

Native American Influence 

Natives Americans have had a tremendous influence on the styles in this area of the country. Choose accessories motivated by Native Americans, featuring classic designs and a finish of antiqued silver and dark gold lining. This results in a rich, ripened patina. 


Select a silver and turquoise studded belt, perfect for wearing with skirts and dresses and your blue jeans. A belt definitely makes the list of Western style accessories.


Even your wristwatch can match your ensemble. Invest in a rose-gold accented, fully engraved bright cut watch, featuring vines and flowers, richly finished in antique silver and rose gold. Oh, so pretty! This is a vintage look and something the women out west enjoy wearing and you can, too, even if you're in Hawaii or Florida. 


Do not forget the cowboy boots, which are available in numerous colors, patterns and skins. Some are quite ornamental. You can wear boots with dresses and skirts as well as with blue jeans and pants. The boots can be boldly on display or partially hidden, depending on the length of your dress or skirt. 


Wear a cowgirl hat. Try a weathered raffia version with rolled shapeable brim. This is a good look and a versatile hat, literally topping off your ensemble. 

You are rocking the look now!

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