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How to be comfortable in garters

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This saucy number looks pretty comfortable
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Use these pointers to be comfortable in garters and garter belts for sexy styles

Your only experience wearing a garter may have been on your wedding day. It was a hidden accessory; it wasn't holding up anything. Its purpose: The BIG REVEAL at the end of the reception when the new husband gropes his way up the bride's leg, find it, removes it and tosses it at his groomsmen, who enthusiastically grab for it.

At one time, women wore garters because they had to. They held up their thigh high stockings.

Want to know how to be comfortable in garters, so that you don't feel like you are tempting a fashion faux pas? First, understand that this piece of lingerie is stretchy and accommodates the size of the leg it surrounds so comfort is not problematic. If you intend garters to hold up stockings, you may be in for a surprise. It won't be an evening-long solution to legwear.

To hold up stockings, and be comfortable, choose a garter belt. A garter and garter belt are not the same thing. Wearing a garter belt is a bit more complicated.

The former consists of a narrow stretchy band of material extending around the thigh or, in the case of men using it to hold up socks, around the calf. It existed long before belts, girdles and way before the advent of panty hose.

This was a functional undergarment, meaning necessary. Nowadays, it is less functional and, instead, sexy, playful, fun and a little bit naughty.

During Prohibition, in the 1920s, this undergarment came in handy for stashing hidden flasks.

The Belt

A garter belt is an undergarment with attached straps/garters. The belt is worn around the waist and the straps hang down from the belt and attach the belt to the stockings.

Attach the straps to the stockings by putting the side of the strap featuring a rubber nub on the inside or underneath side of the stockings. Then slide the corresponding clip onto the outside of the hosiery over the underside nub. This keeps the stockings in place.

If you cannot figure it out, ask your mother or grandmother. They'll know. They probably had lots of practice in their youth.

The straps are adjustable. They can be made longer or shorter depending on the length of the stockings.

Underpants are worn under the belt or not. That's up to you.

Other Options

There is an item of clothing called a stay-up or hold-up, which is a thigh high hose featuring an elastic band sewn around the top. This band holds up the thigh high stockings. Nothing else is needed.


Why does the groom remove this item from the bride's leg? It may be based on superstition that removing a piece of the bride's clothing brings good luck or it may be a symbol of deflowering the virgin bride.

Actually wearing it ...

Some women opt to wear a bra, the garter belt, hosiery and nothing else in the privacy of their boudoir. You want to spice up your love life? This will do it.

Others wear the entire shebang hidden under a dress or skirt. Only the wearer knows it is there until she chooses to reveal it to someone.

Some wear really short skirts, showing off their undergarments and all of their stocking. It's up to you. How daring are you?

Granted a pair of stretchy granny panties and a sports bra are more comfortable than lingerie but they don't look nearly as good. If you are in the mood to go all out, determined to channel some big time glam, this is the way to do it. 

There are so many styles and colors to choose from you are going to have a ball picking out lingerie. Mix and match, creating a seductive ensemble that is definitely going to catch someone's attention.

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