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How to do short hair

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short hair
Do your short hair chic and sassy!
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Here are some ideas about how to do short hair with style

Short hairstyles can be cool and comfortable, but they can also make a statement. The only problem is there is only one way to do your hair if itís short - or is there? If you are looking for fun ideas on how to do short hair, read on!

You canít have a good short look if you do not have good hair. Thatís the very basic rule of thumb if you want to go short. It has to be healthy hair to start in order to look good in any style you choose whether it is short or long. WebMD put together the Top 10 foods for healthy hair and suggests the nutrients you take into your body will directly effect the growth of your hair.

Think about it. Our hair and nails are cast-offs from our body. If the cast-offs come from healthy oils, fruits and vegetables rather than junk food, our hair is going to look great no matter what style we put it in. They even say if you lose weight too quickly you will find yourself shedding a few hairs weeks or months later, but never fear. It will stop as soon as you return to a balanced diet.

Should you go short?

The next thing you should worry about is whether short hairstyles look good with your face and figure. To change styles and color for a new look, take into consideration how big you are. If you are very tall, a very short hairstyle will make you look like a pinhead unless it has some volume. It will not balance out your look.

If you are too round, shall we say, a fuller hairstyle may suit you better. It can be short, but just not too short for your frame.

Now that we have established who should have a short hairstyle, letís talk about how to do short hair.

Try fun hairclips

Barrettes are always a fun addition to a hairstyle and that is no exception for short hair. Try different colors, different shapes, and even using several hairclips or barrettes at one time. You can place them all over your head in strategic places or clip a couple right next to one another. 

Make it messy

One of the top ten ways to wear hair this summer is messy. Tossled hair is always cute, but it takes a little doing to keep it looking that way. After washing, dry your hair thoroughly using your fingers. Toss it every which way while you are drying and you will get the roots to stand at attention. When it is dry, use a stiff styling gel or very strong-holding hairspray to keep it up. All day long, your hair will look like you just got out of bed. (Thatís the way you want it to look. ĎPromise.)

Color me pink or purple

To make an even more dramatic statement, choose a funky color to add to your short tresses. How about going fuchsia for Valentineís Day or bright green for St. Patís? You can even dye your hair with Kool Aid, but I will leave it to you to look that one up. Letís just say you donít want to use the sweetened kind. Get creative and see what you can come up with.

If you have a body and face that can support short hair, donít just wear it one way. Look around to find out how to do short hair and by ďlook aroundĒ I mean look around while you are out in public.

See how teenagers do their hair and if you are past that age, see if you can modify it to suit your age or style. Just remember to start with healthy hair. If you do, you are on your way to looking great in your short hairstyle.

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