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How to put on a wig

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wig cap
The wig cap goes on before the wig
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To know how to put on a wig get instruction from an experienced wig wearer

Wigs are all the rage. They are an easy and affordable way to change your look, change your hair color, or hide hair that needs hidden. However, if intent on wearing a wig a person must know how to put on a wig correctly.

A stylish wig sits properly on the head only if it is the right size for the head. Before ordering, measure the circumference of the head around the hair line. After that, measure from ear to ear and then from front to back.

Heads range in size from small, medium to large. Generally a small or petite head is 21 inches in circumference, 13 1/4 inches from front to back and 13 inches from ear to ear. If the head circumference is 22 inches, this indicates an average size is needed. The measurement from front to back is 14 1/4 inches and the measurement form ear to ear is 13 1/2 inches. A large head requires a large hairpiece. The large head is 23 inches in circumference, 15 1/4 inches from front to back and 14 inches from ear to ear.

When a person is bald, she needs to wear a suction or vacuum type wig. A mold is made of the person's head so the end result fits perfectly and snug. The suction of the cap doesn't allow air under the cap. The disadvantage of the suction cap is you may get hot because the cap doesn't breathe.

Before you slip it on your head, tuck your own hair under a wig cap. Some women like to pin the  cap to their scalp. Capless wigs are constructed so that they can be worn comfortably without first putting on a cap.

Style the hairpiece before putting it on. Comb or brush it into the style you prefer.

A wig goes on front to back. The front portion of the base needs to be at the same level as the  cap worn beneath. The elastic in the back must fit securely around the head above the nape of the neck.

When putting on the hairpiece do it in front of a mirror. Watch yourself.

Flip the hairpiece wrong-side out. The lining is facing upward. Place the front part against your forehead. This helps you line up the wig up properly to the forehead. Flip the wig over your head at which time it goes from wrong-side to right side. Holding onto the front part, pull gently until you have reached the back of your neck.

When properly situated the hair covering should touch your temples but not cover the ears. There is a tab on the front/side. Make sure the tabs are directly in front of the ears. Pull on the tabs to tighten the frame.

If necessary, use bobby pins to secure the hairpiece in place if it doesn't feel secure enough.

Adjust if it is too low on your forehead or not pulled down far enough in the back. It must be straight and not listing to one side or another.

How does it look? If you are not satisfied, take it off and start all over again. With practice it gets easier.

  • If your hairpiece is too shiny put a little bit of talcum power on it.
  • Spray designed for hairpieces tames frizzy ends.
  • Don't toss your wig haphazardly on a tabletop after removing it. Shake it out and comb through it using your fingers. Put it on a wig head (form). This maintains the shape of the hairpiece. If you don't have a "head," wrap the hairpiece in netting. This prevents tangling.
  • Wash and condition after eight or 12 wears. Do not use a blow dryer or any type of heat on a synthetic hairpiece.

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