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How to wear a beret

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faye dunaway
Faye Dunaway looks rakish in her beret
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There are several ways to wear a beret that are trendy and fun

Have you ever seen the movie "Bonnie and Clyde"? If so, you know Bonnie Parker, the unrepentant bank robber, wore a beret like nobody's business. When the movie first came out in 1967, starring Faye Dunaway as Parker, women all over the world wanted to look like her -- and why not?

Bonnie Parker/Faye Dunaway was a fashionista, albeit an infamous one. She wore her beret at a rakish angle, which was appropriate since she was a daring hellion, who managed to look impossibly glamorous while on a crime spree.

How to wear a fashionable beret? It's easy. This headpiece is a flat, soft hat, featuring a tight-fitting head band. Typically, a beret is worn at an angle in a rather lopsided fashion. You can alter the look of the hat by changing the tilt or the way you tuck in the brim. The top can be poufy or flat.

Who Wears Them?

Soldiers often wear this type of head gear. The color of the tam distinguishes what branch of the service the person is in. Students sometimes wear a tam rather than a mortar board at graduation ceremonies. Anyone can wear this headpiece, including men, women and children.

The hat can be worn slightly back on the head or tilted to one side of another. Some choose to pull it forward, covering a portion of their forehead and hairline.

Try this: Tuck in the brim of the hat and tip the hat to one side. Do you like this orientation? Or pull the tam down low over your forehead. Better? Un-tuck the brim and create the mushroom look by allowing some air to get into the hat, which poufs it up. You can add padding, such as a scarf, to the inside to give it more height.

Hair can be worn down or up under the hat. If you put your hair in a bun the bun should be high enough on your head to fit inside the hat or, conversely, low enough that is sits below the band. The hat can be worn over the ears or behind them. Experiment and see which look is the most flattering.

Will you look good in this style?

Maybe and maybe not. It depends to a degree on the shape of your face.

Those with square faces look particularly good in soft berets, tilted to one side. When a hat sits high on the forehead, which is an option when wearing a tam, this elongates a square face. Narrow brims are a good choice for the square-faced individual.

Those with round faces look best in hats that are tall and feature shallow crowns. Peaked, creased and slanted crowns are also flattering because they elongate the round face.

The brim of a hat should be wider than the widest part of the round person's face. This makes the face look narrower.

If you have an oval face you are going to look good in any hat. Lucky you!

The person with a hearts and diamonds shape face has a narrow chin. This person should avoid wide-brimmed hat. Other than that, most styles look good on this person including a beret.

The long-faced person should choose hats featuring wide, flared brims and a deep crown. This shortens and widens the face.

A beret is a good choice for the person with angular features because it softens the face and because it is worn asymmetrically.

Put on the hat and then adjust it. Tilt it back or to the front and side to side. See which orientation looks best on your face. Your hair is a factor as well. Experiment with hair styles. Add a neck scarf and some gloves and you are ready to set the trend.

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