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How to wear boots

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Ladies' riding boots
Cool, eh? You should see what my horse is wearing!
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Different styles of boots and when to wear them

Boots have the distinction of being both practical and sexy; two things that donít often go together. Knowing how to wear boots means also knowing that not all boots are created equal. There are many different types of boots to choose from and they are a fashion statement that should never be followed with a question mark. By that it is meant that boots must be consistent with your outfit. Do not wear boots and a skirt with bare legs; tights, nylons, or even flesh colored fishnet stockings.

When, where and how to wear boots are important fashion decisions whether they be ankle boots or full length varieties. Common sense is the primary application here, as suede stilettos donít fare well in snow and rain. Salt and water stain very badly and actually corrode the integrity of genuine suede, leather and fabric. Invest in a boot bag to tote your footwear to work on those nasty days when you want to look good but would rather stay in bed and not battle the elements.


Some tips about how to wear boots

Here are some ideas about how to wear and not to wear different types of boots.

 1- Ankle boots

Avoid wearing ankle boots with long skirts past the knee. They render a look that is frumpy and matronly. They can, however, be very funky when worn with shorter skirts, slacks and jeans.

2- Mid-calf boots

This is the most versatile cut when learning how to wear boots because these boots look great with skirts of all lengths. They are also very sexy because they accentuate the calf muscle. You should always have at least one pair of these in your wardrobe.

 3- Tall boots

When learning about how to wear boots, you cannot eliminate the knee-high boot because it is a classic. When buying this type, make sure it fits snugly around your leg. If the boot gapes open, you may need to have a cobbler alter it so that it looks sleeker and more chic.

4- Fur-lined boots and UGGs

Fur-lined boots should be narrow and lace-up in order to go well with a short skirt. One trick in learning how to wear boots for a funky casual style is to wear knee socks over tights and let them show a little bit over the top of the boot. (Peek-a boo, I see you!) This tips works best if your socks and tights are contrasting colors. UGGs are popular wooly sheepskin boots that have been fashioned by Australian craftsmen and were first introduced in North America in 1978 by surfer, Brian Smith. Although not the sexiest look of boots by any stretch of the imagination, these boots are robust and hailed by wearers as the quintessence in comfort and warmth when the temperature reaches 30 below.

 Even if your not into retro rock ní roll and not fond of that old Nancy Sinatra song about boots being made for walking, boots are here to stay and they represent an important aspect of womanís urban fashion styles.

So are you ready, boots?

Keep walking!

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