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How to wear cufflinks

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Garnet cabochon cufflinks
Cufflinks can make or break the whole outfit, so choose wisely!
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Going to a formal event? Be sure to wear cufflinks with your suit or tux

If you're planning on going to any kind of formal event in which you'll be expected to wear a nice suit or a tuxedo, be sure to add the appropriate cufflinks to your wardrobe.  It may seem that how to wear cufflinks is a simple matter, but doing it right is crucial, or they can make you look worse, rather than better.

In today's world, with the power of the internet, cufflinks are no longer difficult to find.  Rest assured that there is an online jewelry store out there that will have exactly what you need.

What to Choose

First off, don't go cheap.  The whole idea of cufflinks is to say a little something extra about you.  You don't want to be in plasticky or fake-looking cufflinks.  They should be made of real gemstones.

Be it opals, cat's eyes or hematite, real cuff links are made of real precious stones.  There are a wide variety of choices out there for real gemstones, and in today's environment of heavy competition over the internet, you should be able to find a fair price easily.

What Kind of Event?

Pay close attention to what sort of event you're attending.  Some are much more formal than others.  Some call for being reserved, while others will easily allow a bit more extravagance.

Know ahead of time which kind of event you're needing the cufflinks for and choose them accordingly.  It's great to look good, but sometimes standing out too much can be a bad thing.  Cufflinks may be small, but they are an important part of mens' formal wear and can easily stand out in either a good or a bad way, depending on your choices.

Who are You Going With?

If you're going with a date, which is usually the case, it's not a bad idea to find out what she's wearing and choose cufflinks that will complement her outfit.  This will be difficult if she chooses at the last minute.

If you are able though, this can add an extra touch of class that will not only make you look better to other guests, but even more so to your date, for thinking of her.

Don't feel shy about asking your date (be it a girlfriend, a wife or other) to help pick out the cufflinks with you.  It's something to do together, it makes her feel needed and appreciated, and lets her know you care about her opinion.  Doing this will not only make it more likely that you'll get it right the first time, but will also earn you some major points.

Besides, even if you don't know how to wear cufflinks, it's a fairly safe bet that she knows how you should wear them.

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