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What is a jewelry story

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Jewelry can tell the story of your faith
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A jewelry story relects your heritage, religion or life story

When you buy accessories and jewelry, whether for yourself or for that someone special, it is nice if the pieces you select have a special meaning. The answer to the question "what is jewelry that tells a story" is essentially just that. Jewelry talks to the person who is selecting it or who is wearing it. This is jewelry that reminds someone of something or tells other people who encounter the wearer, something about that person.

There are many different types of jewelry that can tell a story. Some of the stories are very overt and get the message across rather quickly. Others might be sending a message that only the wearer and people very close to that person can ever know. What kind of story you want your accessories to tell is completely up to you.

Religious Jewelry

This is the kind of symbol that tells people you believe in a certain type of religion; it is usually recognized quite easily. Obviously, the Christian cross or the Jewish Star of David are two symbols that can be worn in a couple of different ways that all get the same story across. There are necklaces and bracelets and anklets that all show people that you are celebrating your faith.

There are also pieces of religious jewelry that are a little more subtle that will get the same story across, but the people who know what that story is might only be those who share your faith or bother to ask. For example, most people may not realize that the peacock is actually a bird that has serious biblical meanings. Someone that is wearing a peacock pendant around their neck might be inferring their belief in the Old Testament via the story of ancients believing that the bird symbolized long life and near immortality.


Some people will wear pendants that don't convey any kind of religious story but that do help to tell a story of their lives. Some pendants will even double as lockets where the wearer can put a picture of someone they hold dear inside. This tells the very basic story that the person in the picture is someone they care deeply about.

Other pendants can be worn around the neck that will just tell the story of something the person likes. Favorite animals, favorite places ... all of these communicate a bit about the wearer.

Charms and Charm Bracelets

Charms and charm bracelets have long been a way that people can tell stories with their jewelry. Some people have turned into full blown collectors of old time charms that are hard to find. The point of charm bracelets, since their first creation decades if not centuries ago was to tell the story of the wearer. Each charm is supposed to carry its own individual story. Some people will buy one charm a year, and that charm tells the story of something that happened or something they got that was important. 

When it comes right down to it, jewelery that communicates something about the person it belongs to or the person who gives it as a gift is whatever the wearer decides it might be. A diamond necklace can tell a story as well, if it was given to the owner by someone very special or for a special occasion. There are just some pieces that tell a clearer tale.

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