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Layering children's clothes for spring comfort

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boy's vintage argyle vest from chasing fireflies
Layering boy's clothes for spring comfort can be accomplished with classic vests
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Layering: the easy, breezy fashion style perfect for Spring

Layering children's clothes for spring comfort is a trendy and easy style marking the transition from winter to spring. The great value of layering, for parents and children alike, is that it enables us to plan ahead Ė kids can wear an extra layer to begin the cool school day mornings, and then slip off that layer when the weather warms up in the afternoon.

Layering affords great versatility in dressing at a time of the year when we are sick of heavy winter coats, but not quite ready for the shorts and tee-shirts of summer. This spring, emphasizing layers is also one of the fashionable trends. 

Even for the very young -- who certainly donít have fashion runways in mind -- layering children's clothes for spring comfort can be an enjoyable aspect of getting dressed because it creates more choices and options. Parents can aid in the process of laying for both style and comfort by purchasing a variety of different spring garments, and allowing children to experiment with mixing and matching. This spring, layers of loose clothes, often in unconventional combinations of patterns and colors, are all the rage. 
The most important tip for layering childrenís clothes for spring comfort is to remember that the thinnest layers should always come first. Heavier garments can be added second. For example, begin by donning camisoles, tee shirts, dress shirts, leggings or other undergarments. Also, donít over-layer. Two to three layers is ideal for a chic and trendy look, but more than three can begin to appear bulky and slouchy. The most popular lightweight fabrics for spring include materials like chiffon, gauze, linen for trousers and jackets, lace, cotton, silk, crochet, waffle knits and other loose-weave fabrics for sweaters. 

This spring, little girls look adorable in shrugs, crocheted shawls, cardigans, or even those ever-popular embroidered zip up hoodies. These can all be layered over tee-shirts, camisoles, dresses or flowing smoked tops. The springtime feminine look includes extra details such as decorative embroidery, or flowery ruffles and lace trim.
Little boys can achieve a more formal look by layering a button-down shirt with a stylish argyle vest or cardigan, or a dressed down look by layering tee-shirts under loose, unbuttoned shirts or zip-up hoodies. To avoid a stuffy, conventional look, keep the layers loose, the buttons undone, and the collar and cuffs of boyís dress shirts exposed.
Another secret for layering childrenís clothes for spring comfort is that an outfit does not need to match the dull weather outdoors. Early spring can be particularly gray, cloudy and rainy. Make the process of getting dressed more exciting for youngsters by offering a variety of colorful, trendy low top shoes, accessories and clothing items such as tee-shirts, camisoles, vests, cardigans and dress shirts.
Softer pastel colors are ideal for spring. Think yellow, baby blue, violet or pink. Also select several more versatile garments with bright splashes of color such as orange, purple or green. Itís true that dressing in brighter colors can actually lift spirits!
Layering children's clothes for spring comfort is the perfect way to make an outfit unique. As a parent, you can give children the freedom to interpret the look of the season in their own way by adding or subtracting the elements that best fit their emerging sense of style.

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