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The funkster look is for girls with personality
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New spring fashion for kids this season calls for sunny colors.

When you think about new spring fashion, you think of catwalks on elaborate runways flanked by celebrities in New York, Paris or Milan. But, what about new spring fashion for kids?

Spring is a time of rebirth. Nature's colors return after a long, gray winter and the sun seems to shine a bit brighter. Because fashion generally follows the seasons, invest in some sunny colors for the kids in your life this spring.

For Girls

Soft, girly patterns like simple florals tattered on flowing, bright shirts are the new spring fashion this season.

The surfer girl look is a big fashion hit this season. It doesn't matter if you live near a beach or not because this trend is all about hipness. This new spring fashion is generally comprised of bright-colored tank tops, t-shirts or camisoles that display some sort of beach scene, capri pants or cuffed jeans and flip-flops. To complete the look, add a knit hat or hoody.

Some girls will opt for more of a funkster look than a hipster look this season. This look is for the girl with personality. There are no rules here, just colors and patterns. Anything goes. Pair a striped t-shirt with ripped-up jeans, bright socks and skater shoes. Or, maybe she would like to express herself through funky leggings underneath a denim mini-skirt with flip-flops and a lipped hat. Again, there are no rules with this new spring fashion trend.

Whether your little girl goes surfer-chick or funky is up to her, but if she wants to stay ahead of the curve this spring, these five items are must-haves:

  1. Flowy babydoll top with feminine patterns
  2. Plaid or madras shorts
  3. Girly flats
  4. Capri leggings
  5. A hoody (Roxy, anyone?)

For Boys

It is a myth that girls are more interested in fashion than boys. Many boys are just as concerned about being in style as girls. There are a variety of new spring fashion trends for boys this season.

Looking (and being) cool is a big deal for boys. The "Too Cool for School" look is a popular trend that's comprised mostly of casual, graphic t-shirts coupled with long shorts, baggy jeans or cargos and skate shoes like Vans or Adios.

Another popular look for boys this spring mixes early vintage with old-school rapper. Think graphic tees underneath track jackets, fitted jeans and fedoras. Jackets and button-up shirts are necessary items for this style, too.

Boys are wearing everything from skate shoes and athletic shoes to flip-flops and sandals this season.

Five must-have new spring fashion items for boys this year include:

  1. Cargo shorts
  2. Skater shoes
  3. Hoody
  4. Button-up shirt
  5. Knit hat

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