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Ordering plus size clothing online for a good fit

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plus size clothing
Look great with online fashions
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Get the right fit the first time when you order plus size clothing online

In the United States alone there are more than 100 million women who are larger than a size 12, which puts them into the plus-size category. Higher-end fashion designers rarely make anything larger than a 12, leaving many women to look elsewhere for modern styles. So whatís a girl to do? 

Hit the keyboard and work that mouse because online shopping is a curvy girlís best friend. There are many options available, from plus size online specialty stores, to online shops that have retail stores. The biggest problem, as any woman who has tried on the same size dress in two different stores will tell you, is that getting the right fit is difficult. Here are some tips to help get the right size ordered the first time and a good fit.

Measure, measure, measure

Take a comprehensive set of measurements and write them down. Many retailers vary their sizes, which is why a size 16 at one location is a size 20 in another. Here are the numbers you need to know:
  • Bust: Wearing your best fitting bra, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Arms  should be down and slightly away from your body.   
  • Under bust: Wrap the measuring tape around your rib area, just under your bust. This one is important if youíre shopping for bras online.  
  • Waist: This is the narrowest part of your waist, near your bellybutton. If you arenít sure where your waist is, stand up and bend to the right and left, noting where the natural bend point is on each side. Here is your waist.  
  • High hip: Find your hip bones and place the tape to cross the tops of them. Wrap the tape all the way around to get this measurement.  
  • Low hip: This is the largest part of your hips, thighs and buttocks. It is often about 20 cm (8 in) below your waist.   
  • Inseam: This is two measurements. One is from your crotch to the floor on the inside of your leg. The other is from the crotch to the bottom of your ankle bone, also on the inside of the leg.  
  • Length: Measure from the nape of your neck to the floor. This will help with dress lengths.  
  • Upper arm: Place the tape about an inch from your armpit, around the bicep. Lower your arm so it is slightly away from your body.  
  • Thighs: Wrap the tape around your thigh a little more than an inch from your crotch.  
  • Calf: Use the largest part of your calf and measure it. This will help if youíre buying knee-high or higher boots online.  
  • Ankle: Measure around the ankle bone area. 

Check the size chart

Every reputable online retailer will have a size chart. Use it to find the best fit for you. Remember, if youíre looking at European fashions, youíll need your measurements in centimeters. Itís simple enough, just take the numbers in inches and multiply them by 2.5. Many stores will also give you guidelines for proper pant length and what they consider petite. Some even include garment measurements, which can further simplify choices.

Read the reviews

Find an outfit you just love and are ready to click the buy button? Great! Before you commit, ready any reviews about the product first. These reviews often let you know if the item runs true to size or is slightly different. People will also comment on how the fabric feels, the wash-ability and durability. 

Celebrate your curves with clothing that fits you well. Not only will you look fantastic, youíll end up feeling fantastic too. Studies show that the better you feel about yourself, the higher your confidence levels. This confidence projects to people around you as an attractive quality and builds momentum for continued fashion success!

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