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Actress Jessica Alba sports a pashmina
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Pashmina Fashion: The hottest trend for cooler weather

The pashmina fashion craze that erupted in the mid 1990s has become an enduring trend.  This elegant accessory is an absolute must-have for fall fashion!  A pashmina wrap is truly one of the most versatile accessories any woman can own.  Whether worn as a shawl, belt, stole, sash or scarf, a pashmina can change the look, style, and feel of virtually any outfit with just a simple fold and toss. 

The history of pashmina fashion dates back to ancient Persia, where the word “pashm” referred to the softest under hair on the belly of the goats native to remote, high frigid regions of the Himalayas in Tibet, Nepal and central Asia.  Only the richest and most distinguished rulers and royalty in Persia could afford products made of the “pashm”. 

Today, true pashminas are still made with wool from the underbelly of the Himalayan goat.  However, a softening process is used to give the wool a soft, almost silken quality.  Because of the soft texture of processed pahmina garments, pure pashmina will often be referred to as cashmere.  However, pashmina is slightly different in that it comes from Tibet, not Kashmir. 

Pashmina are sold in standard ply (also known as two-ply) and in single-ply.  Standard ply pashmina fashion is ideal for cooler weather, as it has sufficient weight to offer protection from the cold.  Lighter single-ply pashminas are lighter weight and appropriate for warmer weather.  These lighter pashminas usually have a higher silk content to ensure their durability.

The pashmina is a perfect cover up for fall, giving any ensemble a more polished, pulled together look.  When it comes to colors, the perennial favorites include black, ivory and natural along with dark chocolate brown and red.  The best autumn colors for pashmina fashion are sage green, champagne, silver grey, burnt orange, cranberry and olive.  This fall, try pairing an autumn color pashmina with a turtle neck, black or dark jeans, and a pair of trendy, peep toe boots. 

Ideal for chilly autumn evenings, the pashmina will certainly add an element of elegancy and sleek sophistication to your style.  Lightweight and small enough to carry in a purse or tote bag, pashmina fashion is a warm and luxurious alternative to large or bulky autumn sweaters.

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