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Plus size fashion jeans

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Booties are back and plus size ladies are loving the variety in today's jeans
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Today's plus size styles in fashion jeans offer a fit for every queen

The skinny-minnies of the death-warmed-over squad are being bounced to the background by today’s contingent of voluptuous women. Style and sass are in vogue as a big gal’s best fashion accessories. Style, sass and a smile—they are better than ammo when it comes to shooting down stereotypes. 

Women are stepping out in great shoes, stylish boots and sexy high heels. The fabulous footwear is paired with posh plus size fashion jeans adorned with contrasting stitching or emblazoned with zigzag patterns of metallic silver or metallic gold thread. Tiny jewels adorn some stone washed or deep indigo denim jeans. Embroidery on the back pockets or up the outsides of the legs is a highlight of other styles in the plus size fashion jeans domain. There’s no need to squirm, unless it’s with delight, when putting on a pair of today’s body-pleasing garments. That’s because the engineering that goes into the plus size fashion jeans of today allows for a tad more room where needed. 

One perennial favorite is offered with five pockets, straight legs and a waistband that actually sits comfortably at a woman’s waistline. Yes, as hot as ever are today’s plus size classic jeans —and they’re offered these days in stretch denim or tantalizing twill.

Trends in buying reported

When it comes to buying plus size fashion jeans, casual apparel or a great pair of high-heeled dancing shoes, it seems the way to go is online. Imagine opening a delivery containing a sexy pair of plus size jeans that look as good in person as they did online. Perhaps they are a pair of today’s popular embellished pocket jeans—a style with peeps of embroidery or sequins on the back pockets.

The pants usually are offered in cotton denim with a touch of Spandex for a flattering fit. Fashion-forward women also enjoy another style, the bootcut jean. There's nothing like your essential bootcut stretch jeans for going from day to evening with nothing more than perhaps a change of shoes.

Plus size benefits are found online

Saving time, saving money and knowing that exchanges or returns will be hassle free are some of the perks in buying plus size fashion jeans—and other items of apparel—online. The package arrives. The box is opened. There is an opportunity to try things on at leisure. Walk around, sit down, stand up and do some deep knee bends to check the amount of give. Get to know how your new plus size fashion jeans feel after an hour or wear. 

Accessorize with tops, scarves and jewelry. Think about how to wear a sweater atop your new jeans. There’s no need to be trussed up in a cramped fitting room when trying on plus size jeans or any other item of clothing bought by mail order from an online source.

Plus size women rock

Look at the women in history who set trends and made headlines. Today, they all would be wearing plus size fashion jeans. No twiggy types can be found among icons such as Mae West, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe or other great beauties. Fun can be poked at some of the outdated and outrageous information that in the old days kept women in their place—the bedroom, or the kitchen. 

The Feminist Women’s Health Center offers some interesting mile markers about women, recapped from The Politics of Women’s Bodies: Sexuality, Appearance and Behavior, a collection of articles by essayists edited by Rose Weitz and published by Oxford University Press. Highlights include these nuggets of stupidity:

Around 1800 B.C. the ancient Code of Hammurabi declared women’s bodies the property of men. The crime of rape was defined as a property crime.

Around the 4th Century B.C. Greek philosopher Aristotle contended a lack of “heat” makes women smaller and weaker and not fully human.

In 1872 evolutionist Charles Darwin reflected that only the strongest males would win sexual favors of women, whose constant reproductive activities make them unable to fully develop in mental or physical ways.

Many other examples are cited there and in other literature. Thank goodness today’s plus size woman, standing proud in her plus size fashion jeans, is no longer bound by the standards of yesteryear—or by stiff corsets with iron stays, metal chastity belts, restrictive foot bindings, or the inescapable duty to be a whore in the bedroom and a saint in the parlor. Long live the plus size diva.

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