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Poplin fabric vs. twill

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Depending on what you're looking for, this wool twill just might to the trick
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Poplin or twill? You decide!

Whether you prefer to buy your clothes, or you like to make them yourself... if you're fashion savvy, you want to know your fabrics. Twill and poplin fabric -- at first they may seem similar, but if you're in the market for some new clothes, you want to know the differences. Each of these fabrics is better suited to different uses.

Poplin fabric vs. twill? What are these differences, you might ask? Here are the differences as well as some uses for the fabrics.


One of the main characteristics of twill is that it has parallel, diagonal ribs which either go from left to right, or right to left. Because of the weave that makes up twill, it is generally a heavier fabric.  Twill is a very durable fabric, and is resistant to showing any dirt. This fabric is also wrinkle resistant, which is a very nice aspect of twill.

  • Uses:  Because of its more durable nature, twill is a great fabric for women's pants, shorts and skirts -- in fact it's the fabric jeans are made out of. Also due to it being a heavier fabric, twill works for curtains as it is great at blocking out incoming sun rays. The fact that twill is wrinkle resistant keeps it looking nice without the extra work of ironing. No need to worry about creases showing up behind your knees in your favorite pair of pants.


Poplin is a thin, tightly woven fabric which can be made out of a few different materials. A plus to poplin is that it can be made to be a very breathable fabric. A heavier poplin fabric can also be made to be water resistant. Poplin is a sort of "all purpose" fabric, which can be used for many different things.

  • Uses: Poplin is widely used for sportswear, given that it can be a very breathable fabric.  Ideal for any activities where you might be sweating. But also because of its light, smooth texture, poplin is popular for shirts, blouses, and dresses.  

Some big differences between these two? The different weaves of the two fabrics is quite a noticeable difference. Because of this, twill is generally heavier and poplin is a much smoother fabric. 

Poplin drapes better than twill does, because of its softer nature. The two fabrics will feel different because of this different type of weave.

Both of these fabrics are good, durable fabrics and suited for your different needs. They make great, comfortable, and attractive clothes.

So whether you're in the market to make your own clothes from these two fabrics, or you just want to know what the best fabric is for your next shopping trip, twill and poplin are both great choices.

Poplin fabric vs. twill? It just depends what you're looking for.

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